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15 Reasons Cats are Better than Boyfriends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

1. Cats spend more time grooming

                Cats spend roughly half their waking hours cleaning themselves. You’re lucky if a man showers  twice a week.

2. Cats are more easily entertained

                No need for iPods, cell phones, or video games; cats can entertain themselves with nothing more than a piece of string!

3. Cats are independent

                A cat will cuddle with you all day long, but it also won’t mind if you want to go out all night and   leave it home alone. Cats will never text you to ask where you’ve been, or try to isolate you from      your friends. They also don’t come with mean mother-in-laws.

4. Cats always know when you’re sad

                Even normally skittish cats have been known to curl up beside people to cheer them up when they’re sad.


5. Cats don’t talk back

                Cats can’t talk back because they can’t speak. They might meow at you, but who cares? Meowing is adorable and you can always pretend they’re agreeing with you!

6. Cats don’t judge you

                So what if you hooked up with a stranger at the bar last night? A cat wouldn’t judge you for it…a boyfriend might be another story. Cats also don’t care if you want to spend all day on the couch eating ice cream and watching reality television. They’ll probably even join you.

7. Cats kill all the bugs for you

                When it comes to bugs, cats are fearless. They’ll gladly kill spiders and cockroaches for you as long as you don’t mind them playing with them first.

8. Cats are drama free

                Cats don’t care if you cheat on them by petting another cat, nor do they pick fights or get angry over little things. If a cat ever does get angry at you, all you have to do is scratch it behind the ears and give it a treat. Problem solved.

9. Cats treat all people equally (except for those with food, they get preferential treatment)

                Cats don’t care about your race, age, sexuality, gender, or political affiliation; they just want food and affection.

10. Cats are better listeners

                They may not ask, but cats always want to hear about your day. They never interrupt or cut you off and they maintain eye-contact extra well since they have three eyelids and don’t have to  blink as often as humans do.

11. Cats are cheap dates

                A fancy dinner can easily cost fifty bucks, but a can of cat food is fifty cents. That’s less than a meal at McDonald’s, and a cat will be just as satisfied. Plus if you take a cat to a movie theater,             people will generally think you’re creepy and stay far away, meaning more space for you!

12. Cats don’t leave the toilet seat up

                You may have to clean their litter box, but at least you never have to worry about the seat being left up!

13. Cats are therapeutic

                Cats, like all pets, are naturally therapeutic while boyfriends can cause you to need therapy.

14. Purring has proven have health benefits

                Cats purr at a frequency of 20-140 Hz which has proven to have health benefits for humans like lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and healing bones and infections. Boys just make things worse.

15. Cats are infinitely cuter

                Do boys have tiny paws and whiskers? NO! And instead of getting beer guts, cats just look cuter the fatter they get. Not to mention no human could never get away with having a face full of fur and still looking this cute!



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