14 Things Every Single Gal Needs on V-Day

Single on Valentine’s Day? Not a problem at all. Instead of investing in an outfit for date night, here are the 14 items that you absolutely NEED for this lovely holiday.

1.The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza

Share it. Eat every bite of it alone in your room while watching The Notebook three times in a row. It’s up to you, but for $7 this is what you need Amazon Prime’d straight to your door.

2. Cozy Velvet Memory Foam House Home Slippers With Non-Slip Soles

If you’re not cozying up to anyone you might as well let your feet be snuggled up between memory foam and all things comfy.

3. Original Ceramic Heart Shape Ring Dish Holder

Here’s a place to put all your jewelry at night when you go to bed. This is a sweet and dainty addition to any girl’s room. It says “love” to remind you of the hope for love anytime you go to put your rings and trinkets in it.

4. Love Loungewear Juniors Fireside Shorty Valentines Pajamas

This is the perfect pajama set for February. It’s got the shorts and a long sleeve that will keep you perfectly warm. This set comes in two different pink styles and two grey styles, so no matter your preference, these PJs will definitely serve a perfect Valentine’s Day slumber.

5. Heart Shape Rimless Sunglasses One Piece Transparent Candy Color Eyewear

Okay, spunky single ladies, this is for you and your night on the town, if that’s what you choose to do this V-day. These trendy and sassy shades will definitely let the crowd know that although you’re single, today you’re looking at the world with heart-eyes.

6. "If You Can Read This Bring Me Chocolate" Luxury Cotton Novelty Socks

These are kind of self-explanatory, but on a day like Valentine’s Day they could not be more appropriate. They are interchangeable with wine as well so pick your poison.

7. TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask Sheet

There’s no better way to have “me time” then a face mask, and this one is totally on theme. Get yourself a rose mask sheet and you won’t regret it.

8. Titanium Steel Women's Hoop Earrings In Gold Silver

This pair of earrings can be used as a night-on-the-town accessory or a way of subtly accepting the holiday in low-key fashion.

9. Heart-shaped Metallic Donut Pan Bagel Baking Mold

If you’re in the baking mood, this will give you major Betty Crocker points without too much effort. It’s an easy-peasy way of making very special bagels or donuts for Valentine’s Day.

10. Heart Shaped 4oz Flask Red Coated Stainless Steel

No further explanation needed on this one.

11. Never Have I Ever, The Game of Poor Life Decisions

Grab some friends and reflect on past loves and other dumb things you've done that have lead you to a single night on Valentine’s Day.

12. Heart Neon Sign Light

It’s trendy. It’s cool. It’s so you.

13. Hey Girl Detox Tea

Every gal needs a “Tea-tox” here and there.

14. Stila Stay All Day Matte'ificent Lipstick

Lastly, every girl should treat her lips right on Valentine’s Day. . . just in case. Wink. Wink.

All pictures courtesy of Amazon.