14 Things to Do On Your Birthday If You’re Not 21 Yet

It’s your birthday! You can do anything you want! If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate, here are a few things that I love to do with my friends on my special day. (Side note: my birthday was this past Thursday, so I got to enjoy most of these things recently!)

1. Stuff your face

Food is the key to happiness. Order a ton of fries. Get Chick-fil-A or Zaxby’s, and order as much as you want. Food will never judge you. People might, but food will never judge how much you take in!

2. Throw a party 

If we’re being honest, who doesn’t love a good birthday party? Full of laughter, joy, fun, seeing all your friends and so much more. Send out invites. Reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while, and invite them to celebrate the day that is ALL about you and nothing less than that. For me, having a birthday party is a tradition. I have to throw a great party with all my friends surrounding me with their love.

3. Get free stuff

There are so many places that give you a free drink or free food item, and even sometimes free items or services, on your birthday. There’s Starbucks, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Redbox, Bruegger’s Bagels, Pinkberry, Nuberri, Marco’s Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, BJ’s and AMC to name a few. Those are the places that I use my birthday vouchers at. However, there are many more in Tallahassee and its surrounding areas you can try out!

4. Shop till you drop

Seriously shop, shop and shop until you drop. Take a trip to the mall. Buy the dress you’ve had your eye on for months. Invest in some makeup. Don’t spend all your money, but keep shopping until you just can’t anymore.

5. Dance like you’re wearing “Apple Bottom Jeans and Boots With The Fur”

Dance, dance, dance! Have you ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, where Christina and Meredith have one of their ‘break it down’ dances? That’s what you have to do. Dance like nobody is watching. Leave it all on the dance floor. Don’t think about anything else, just let it all go. Shake your booty like the crazy mess of a 20-year-old that you are!

6. Go on vacation

Traveling is one of the best things you can do. Imagine taking a road trip with your friends to celebrate your birthday. My favorite thing is going to New York for my birthday. It’s the polar opposite of Florida when it comes to weather. You can travel anywhere, and it’d be great because you owe yourself a break on your birthday to enjoy your big day.

7. Serve some major looks with your birthday outfit

When you look good, you feel good. On your birthday, all you want to do is feel good, so serve up some major looks with the perfect outfit. Pull a Kardashian and steal the show. Make sure all eyes are on you and serve!

8. Have lunch with your friends

Having breakfast, brunch, or lunch with your friends on your birthday is a relaxed way to celebrate. You get to meet up and enjoy eating some food. You can try a new place or go to the groups’ go-to restaurant and just enjoy time together.

9. Have dinner with your family

It’s a tradition in my family. We do a little mini-dinner the night of that person’s birthday. Then, we do a big dinner with the whole family. We go to an expensive restaurant and try all the things we want to. We order way too many appetizers, entrees we can never finish, and then to top it all off, we order more desserts than there are people.

10. Surround yourself with loved ones

The best thing you can do on a day where it’s all about you is to surround yourself with your loved ones. Your loved ones will cherish you and make sure that you receive the love and attention you deserve. They will shower you with birthday wishes. It’s one of the best things about birthdays

11. Sleep in

Sleeping in is a rare case, so on your birthday, take advantage of it. Sleep in as long as you can without sleeping away your day.

12. Pamper yourself

Go get a manicure, pedicure or massage with a friend! You can never go wrong on a pamper day.

13. Go to the movies 

Honestly, this is one of my favorite things to do. I love going to the movies and watching something new. It’s fun to just sit back and recline. You can even stay in and watch a movie at home if that’s more your cup of tea.

14. Bake

This is one thing that, if I’m being completely honest, I hate. I hate to bake, and I hate to cook. But baking on your birthday? That’s something special, and it’s one of the few times where I’m okay with it. Baking with your girls is fun. You can make whatever you want. Cookies, brownies, cake, anything! Just to go in the kitchen with a few friends, goof around, and bake something that’s yummy and going to make you happy.


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