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13 Reasons Why “Middle Child Syndrome” is Totally Underrated

Courtesy: Tawnie Simpson


Middle child syndrome: the feeling of exclusion by middle children (those typically with one older and one younger sibling). I don’t know about other kids who are cursed with this dreadful “middle child syndrome,” but I’m pretty sure there’s a reason the saying goes: “First is the worst, second (born) is the best, and third is the one with the…” I’ll let you finish that! Being the middle child has its downsides, but there are a plethora of benefits that come along with the position of being the middle child.

1. You have a syndrome named after you!

Middle-child syndrome means you can be a mess and have a perfectly reasonable excuse for it!

2. August 12 is National Middle Child Day.

An entire day dedicated to you. How ironic…

3. You were never over-protected.

The first of your trio was probably coddled by anxious first-time parents while the third most likely ran wild, but you are the perfect balance of worldliness and reservation. Your parents weren’t first-timers with you, but they also hadn’t eased up too much on their parenting yet.

4. Middle children get the prime position in photographs.

Courtesy: Tawnie Simpson

Flanked by your two other siblings, you’re front, center and distinguished!

5. You’re diplomatic.

The middle child is the bridge between two worlds! You’re the in-between of your siblings, who are probably quite a few years apart, and when there’s an argument, you’re the peacemaker!

6. You are especially good at getting what you want.

With all the fights that you’ve broken up between your siblings, you gained some excellent negotiation skills (which come in handy in the future when you want a job or need a raise)!

Courtesy: Tawnie Simpson


7. It’s a known fact that 52% of presidents are middle children!

How about that to impress Mom and Dad?

8. Speaking of impressing your parents: middle children are creative.

Middle children aren’t the “golden” children or the babies of the family, so in order to grab your parent’s attention, some pretty imaginative things have to be done.

Courtesy: Tawnie Simpson


9. You don’t feel the pressure to get married first.

That’s right all you older siblings out there, this one’s for you! Your older siblings will probably dip their toes in to the marriage pool before you follow in their footsteps.

10. You won’t have to watch all your siblings leave.

You will never have to be smothered by a mother with an empty nest once your siblings leave for college; that’s the baby of the family’s duty!

11. You have probably shared a room at some point in your life!

This means you are naturally a fantastic and well-practiced future college roommate.

Courtesy: Tawnie Simpson


12. You get all the benefits of having an older sibling.

Your older sibling taught you cool things, doled out expert advice and let you borrow their clothes (if you didn’t already steal them from their closet). Your older sibling was your role-model on how to be a role-model the right way.

13. You have a younger sibling that looks up to you!

One day, your younger sibling will come to you for help and you’ll be able to flawlessly pull that advice, that your older sibling once gave you, from the back of your mind and save the day!

Courtesy: Tawnie Simpson

Tawnie Simpson is a Senior Editing, Writing, and Media student at Florida State University. She enjoys (needs) a good cup of cold brew, she comes from a small town nobody knows called "about an hour south of Tampa" and she is often mistaken for 10-year-old Lindsay Lohan, but she's not complaining.
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