13 Pieces Of Advice For Monday Moodiness

Now that the weekend is over we are seriously in the swing of school. Exams, papers and ridiculous amounts of assignments have outweighed my abilities to stay positive but here are some things to consider while trying to get through the rest of the semester and life itself.

1. You’re going to mess up

No matter how many dates, times or highly specific reminders you write down or set, things will inevitably get messed up. There is no perfect person and trying to be flawless just isn't realistic. Ask for help. Say sorry. Breathe and try again when you mess up. Most of the time you’ll be able to find a reasonable explanation for why things went wrong and you will learn from them. Also, most things that you’ll worry about messing up, you’ll do great at. It’s the surprise mess ups on a random Friday night where you should have gone home just a little earlier that will hurt most.

2. Be open

Most things that I’ve done that I 100% never saw myself doing I absolutely loved. I never thought I would come to the college I chose. I never thought I would have the guts to pursue fashion as a major. I never thought I could enjoy workout as much as I have. SO many things seem far-fetched until you just go after them and do them. Things you could never have imagined can be yours if you just try to be open.

3. Smile

Nothing in my life has ever been as effective in changing my life than just simply smiling. I had issues with this when I was younger. A former dance teacher of mine admitted to my mom who admitted to me that he just wished I smiled more. After that, I made it a point to smile ALL. THE. TIME. It’s awkward at first and can seem like such a silly thing but smiling and having people smile back is awesome. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to smile also. It doesn’t make you seem weak or dumb, it’s just the opposite. Fun-loving, confident and amazing people smile.

Courtesy: Odyssey

4. Success speaks louder than words

Being a person who is proud of their accomplishments and their work is always going to be much more inspiring than someone who just talks about what they want to do. Be a person who works hard because that will always, always, always be much more satisfying than saying what you wish you had done. 

5. Letting go of relationships is okay

It sucks don't get me wrong, but some people are better left out of your life. No one should have that kind of power over you where you feel like you must be friends with them or the universe will explode. Fact is, it won’t, and having the people around you be supportive instead of bringing you down is a key factor in living a happy and fulfilled life.

6. Stop and smell the roses

Life moves so ridiculously fast, and if you don’t take some time every once in a while to appreciate the awesome stage in your life, you really might miss it. (Yes, a major nod toward Ferris Bueller). Each and every minute, year, and stage of our lives is a gift and taking it for granted is just plain wasteful. The world is beautiful and whether your day includes sitting in the library all day cramming for that horrible class or having a spectacular day at the beach with friends, there is so much to be thankful for and to appreciate.

Courtesy: Pinterest

7. The journey IS usually more fun than the destination

Don’t hate me for the cliché-ness, but it’s true most of the time. In just about everything I’ve ever done, the most fun part is the planning and anticipation. Events themselves happen so fast we barely get to enjoy them, so loving the part where I’m just super excited about what’s to come and how it will turn out is most definitely just about as fun as the actual function.

8. The ones who care will stay

The people in your life whether they are actual family, close friends, Greek life family or even people you engage in relationships with, will either stick around when the going gets rough or they won’t. Don’t get too hung up on the ones that run when life isn’t rainbows and sunshine. The truth is they were never your friends anyway. Stay positive and focus on the ones that hold your hand when you’re about to open up your grade on the final that makes or breaks your GPA.

9. Be the good person, always.

Never ever underestimate the mutual benefit of being good to your friends. In my experience, I have found doing things for my people to be as satisfying if not more satisfying than doing things for myself. Be selfless and you’ll realize how fulfilling your life can truly be. Hold the door open for everyone and don’t expect anything in return. Although, what comes around usually does come around so I recommend letting the universe do its thing.

10. Treating yourself isn’t just an excuse to eat a cupcake

You know the phrase “Treat Yo’self” that is plastered on all food from cupcakes to steak to a Starbucks Macchiato? It’s more than just a popular expression. You need to be good to yourself. Eating healthy, working out, studying and being a good person every day is hard work. Sometimes it will be a tea, other times a bubble bath, maybe even just a twenty-minute power nap, whatever it is that gets your mind at ease or your taste buds satisfied, you DO need to reward yourself here and there or you will go insane. I used to think that I didn’t deserve sweets when I was on super serious health kicks, but my sanity and sweet tooth said otherwise. Give yourself credit in whatever way you see fit.

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11. It hurts until it doesn’t

People, classes, friends, boys and pretty much everything else in the world is inevitably going to hurt you. It will be when you least expect it and never when you deserve it but you’re going to uncontrollably cry into your pillow or hold them back in class or punch a punching bag with way more force than usual, but then you’ll stop. You’ll hold your head up high once again just like you did before, maybe even a little higher because you know another matter you can handle. Pain is mostly mental so it’s up to you to make sure you feel it and then let it go.

12. Speak up

It may seem demanding or even “b*tchy” to say what’s on your mind, but there exists way too much guilt in the things we wish we had said. Say it, and say it strong. You have good ideas; you know what you’re talking about. Too many people who don’t know what they’re saying are constantly taking and you should be doing the same. No matter your age, GPA or financial status, your ideas matter and they’re worth saying. No one, as far as I know, can read your mind (maybe your best friend or mom is close) so you need to say what you’re feeling, say what you want, or it will not be resolved.

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13. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but working for it isn’t bad

The phrase “Money doesn’t buy happiness” gets thrown around and it’s true. You cannot walk into a store and purchase true happiness or friendships or relationships, but you can do things with money that can make you happy—puppies, donations to charity or a coffee for your best friend when she’s having the worst week ever. It isn’t bad to have money. Working to have money is not going to make you a Scrooge on Christmas. It’s an issue with our generation that we feel like money is associated only with horribly stingy Jordan Belfort’s of the world, but for all of those people, there are plenty who are doing good things for the world with money. It’s okay to work for it.