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It seems to be around that time in the school year when everything starts blending together. I’m surviving on Instant Grits because grocery trips have become less frequent. Finals week is looming around the corner like an impending doom, and projects are piling up right before my Taylor Swift Concert. And worst of all, I keep saying “I just need to make it to Friday.” 

So, it’s no wonder that, without fail, April is just me trudging along and praying for something to distract me. When I get into a rut where I don’t feel like doing anything anymore, I usually turn to watch something to maintain my sanity. Sure, getting my silly little endorphins from eating right and working out is the right thing to do, and unfortunately, is the thing that usually works. However, I like not to find real solutions to this problem. If you know me, you know I love to wallow. So, these are the things I like to do. 

I’ve been obsessed with YouTube since I was a kid and haven’t lost interest yet. I think the best trend I’ve seen come to the website is video essays. I love videos that are hours, and I do mean hours, long where the topic of conversation is something as simple as the history of the Disney Channel theme song by Defunctland or the entirety of Lost being explained by Billiam. Yet, the one that takes the cake is An Appropriately Unhinged Recap of Pretty Little Liars by Mike’s Mic. 

When I really feel like I’ve had a long day and a test took the joy out of me, this is what I turn to. It’s like listening to a friend explain a show they’re watching to you without having to do it yourself. It’s the best substitute for when you’re feeling lonely but, simultaneously, you would rather puke than see people. 

The next thing I like to do on my laptop is play games or watch people play games. It honestly doesn’t matter to me which one. If I’m doing the gaming, then it’s absolutely The Sims. With my folder of over 5,000 mods and my computer sounding like a jet engine, I play for hours on end when the world is getting a bit too hard. I think what I love about The Sims is that if I can’t get my life together, then I’ll just control the lives of these characters I created. It’s even better when I’m watching my sim get hypothermia because they decided to swim during the winter when all the while, I’m scarfing down a croissant. 

In my final and strong form, I am absolutely rewatching a comfort show or movie. April is the month of pure stress that gives me the utmost frustration. So, after a long of feeling like I’ve done everything but have gotten nothing done, I usually turn to watch Twilight for the literal 36th time this year. If that’s getting too bland, then I’ll turn to SpongeBob, but only season one and some of two. If that is too predictable, I’ll pull out old reliable, which are Barbie movies. 

This form of regression is rooted in my wish for a simpler time. It’s normal to look back to the past for comfort. I know this is me seeing my childhood through rose-colored glasses, but a little delusion is fine. Overall, I think it’s important that when you’re in your Bella from New Moon era, you be patient with yourself while also realizing that eating right, working out and talking to your friends actually helps, as crazy as those things may sound. April is the most stressful month for me, so I’m sending well wishes and warm hugs to everyone on campus. Good luck! 

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Neissa Philemon is a pre-medical student who is incredibly interested in the arts, pop culture, literature, and everything in between. She hopes to become a dermatologist.