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In My Eras Era: My Favorite Taylor Swift Songs of All Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the event of the century. That’s right, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Even if you aren’t a Swiftie, you have heard the news about one of the biggest tours of the decade. Between the outrageous ticket prices and the magical set list of the concerts, this tour has been all over social media for the last few weeks. In honor of this magical time of year, I thought it was only appropriate to share my favorite Taylor Swift songs of all time, including those that aren’t being performed. If you’re curious about which songs I think are superior, keep reading!

1. “Right Where You Left Me”

I can say with my entire heart that I do not think it is humanly possible for me to pick a favorite Taylor song. Therefore, this list is not necessarily in order, but this first song is one of my top picks. I think this is one of the best songs she’s written yet. Although evermore is my second favorite album—so I might be biased—I can never just listen to this song once. The essence of this song always pulls me in, and I can’t listen to it without screaming it; it’s just a rule at this point. On a more serious note, one reason I love this song so much is that I feel like it’s relatable to so many people. Even if you have never been in a serious relationship, most people have known the feeling of being left behind to pick up the pieces of a past relationship, even just a friendship. If this song isn’t one of your favorites, I recommend reevaluating that opinion!

2. “Cardigan”

While this might be my top Taylor song, dare I say, I contemplated including it because it is so popular. It’s just too good not to include. My goal in life is to experience the emotion that this song makes me feel; something about it is just so magical. In fact, one time someone told me I reminded them of this song and that is the best compliment I have received to this day. One thing I don’t think some people don’t appreciate about Taylor is the true power and talent of her lyrics. She is just as great a lyricist as she is a singer. “You drew stars around my scars, but now I’m bleedin’.” I mean are you kidding? If you aren’t a huge Taylor Swift fan, I challenge you to listen to this song.

3. “dress”

This is another song that I could listen to on repeat. This song makes me feel so young and special. I really feel less like an adult and more like a true teenager when I listen to it. It radiates young love and the excitement behind it. Especially since we have all had a friend we’ve secretly crushed on. This song just emanates that feeling; it is for all the friends-to-lovers trope girlies.

4. “new romantics”

This is a song that I truly feel is underrated. I don’t say that about many Taylor songs since she’s so popular, but this is one I rarely ever hear about. This song is one that gives me the ultimate summer vibe. It’s Taylor’s version of “Young Dumb & Broke.” It radiates having the best time of your life and not caring about anything else. It also expresses how we all feel when we have no idea what we’re really doing but we’re just trying to learn and make the most of it. When I need a little pick me up, this is the song I listen to (P.S. this is the perfect song to scream to in the car).

5. “false god”

While this song is still popular, it’s not the most played on the album. This song makes me feel like I’m in the clouds. When I’m moody and feel like love doesn’t exist, I remind myself that it does exist by listening to this song. Like many of her songs, this one radiates young love, especially since most of the album is about that. This song is about the feeling of truly falling completely into someone else and forgetting the world around you. The song talks about being so head over heels for someone that you worship them like God. The way Taylor writes about it is what truly makes it magical.

6. “All Too Well (10-Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)”

I promised myself I would only make this list five songs long, but it felt like a crime to not include this one. This pick is self-explanatory, considering this release almost broke the internet. The original song is my favorite from the album, and arguably the best, but nothing beats the tenminute version, truly. I would rank this song above any other just for the line, “And you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.” Truly nothing hits me as hard as that singular line does. This song is a must-listen for anyone who hasn’t.

Honorable Mentions:

If you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, I beg you to go back and listen to some of these songs. If you love Taylor as much as I do, I hope you agreed with my completely correct opinions! Sadly, I will not be going to the Eras Tour, but I wish anyone who is the best time (P.S. also reach out if you’re selling Taylor tickets…).

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