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12 Thoughts We All Have While Grocery Shopping

Though there’s a wide variety of students on Florida State’s campus, there’s one thing that connects us all: we’ve all gotta eat. And as much as I’d love to eat Chick-fil-a every single day, my wallet certainly would not. So I, like most college students, must brave the grocery store to find the best BOGO’s and try to cook like an adult. Here’s thirteen thoughts that run through my mind while picking up my fruits and veggies.


1. I can totally make it until the end of the week, right?

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After a long day of work and classes, the last thing I want to do is fight through the crowds at the grocery store. However, the only things in my pantry at the moment are half a loaf of bread and some cheese, so alas.

2. I’m going to see everyone I’ve ever met, ever, no matter what time I go.

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Publix is not only constantly packed, it’s also packed with everyone I’ve ever interacted with on campus. That cute guy from my group project, or maybe that not so cute guy from last weekend, I’m sure to see them while I pick out eggs in my ratty gym clothes.

3. I should make a list of the things I need.

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Nah, I can totally wing it and remember everything important. Wait, do I already have cheese at home?

4. I should definitely eat before I go so I don’t buy silly things.

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Flash forward to me four days later eating cookies for dinner because I bought nothing of nutritional value. Note to self: do not grocery shop on an empty stomach.


5. Why does everyone feel the need to bring their whole cart down every single aisle?

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Walking down any given aisle is like I accidentally stumbled onto a bumper car track when all I want are some Goldfish.

6. What’s buy one get one free this week?

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I’ll know I’ve really made it when I can go grocery shopping and not buy things solely based on whether or not they’re BOGO.

7. If I buy fruit for later, I can totally get a Pub sub now, right?

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They totally cancel each other out.

8. How many snacks is too many?

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I mean, these Doritos are BOGO so it doesn’t really count, right?

9. Why do people who aren’t college students come to this Publix?

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This one truly perplexes me. I only go to the Publix on Ocala when my well-being depends on it, so the fact that some adults with families willingly go there is beyond me.


10. How did all that add up to $80? What did I even buy?

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Follow-up question: Why is fruit so expensive? I’m just trying to be minutely healthy.

11. I can carry all these bags up at once; I don’t need to make two trips.

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Who needs circulation in their arms anyways?

12. I forgot to buy the one thing I actually needed.

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Should’ve made that list.

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