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12 Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs You Need to Follow Now

It’s no secret blogging has quickly made its way into the digital world. People like Danielle Bernstein  and Chiara Ferragni have made it into a career, earning thousands of dollars while making their way into the exclusivity of the fashion set (a girl can dream). Her Campus FSU decided it was time to scout out our own talent right here on campus. Whether it’s to showcase their personality, share tips/advice or make the case for their latest inspiration, here we’ve rounded up the top bloggers at FSU who are making a name for themselves.

Name: Kate Laycock 

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Blog: You’re on my Chic List 

You’re On My Chic List is a fashion and lifestyle blog I created that showcases my style, DIY projects and what I’m up to in my life. All of the clothing is directly linked below the pictures if you like any outfit and step by step DIYs are at your fingertips! If you have a passion for fashion and being crafty makes you happy head on over to my blog, “You’re On My Chic List!” 

Instagram: @onmychiclist

Name: Kirsten Kennedy

Year: Junior

Major: Editing, Writing & Media

Blog: Depends on the Day

Depends on the Day is a personal style blog for everyone. I’ve never been one to stick to one specific style, which is why I entitled it “Depends on the Day.” I want readers to be able to look at my style and get ideas for themselves to know that no style is off limits. I say if you want to try it go for it! 

Instagram: @dependsonthedayxo | Twitter: @dependsonthedayx

Name: Lauren Pleasants

Year: Junior

Major: Editing, Writing & Media

Minor: Communications & Political Science

Blog: It Goes On

My blog ranges from talking about social issues, current politics, personal issues and simply even words of wisdom to boost the esteem of my readers. I use my blog to talk about my personal issues that others can gain from reading so they know that if they are feeling the same they aren’t alone and to talk about important issues and topics that I feel are important, such as the current presidential race. My goal is to make sure things that are important are talked about and that people who are hurting, in pain, or feeling alone know that they are not alone, and that whatever is bringing them down is not stronger than them.

Name: Katelyn Sampl 

Year: Freshman

Major: Retail Merchandising & Product Development 

Blog: Luv2styl

My fashion and lifestyle Instagram blog Luv2styl features photos of my personal style and all things fashion. I love to style outfits using products from my favorite stores, photograph the look and give my followers fashion inspiration. I am also a Style Guru blogger for CollegeFashionista – you can find my articles featured on my blog. If you love fashion just as much as I do, you should check out my blog and follow me. As I like to say, the best first impression is a fabulous outfit!  

Name: Ronicha Palmer

Year: Senior

Major: Business Marketing

Blog: Ro’ology

Viewers can find topics focusing on travel, health, skin and self-confidence. The goal of Ro’ology is to create a platform where individuals can feel inspired, evolve, learn non-conventional beauty secrets and focus on building themselves up from within.  Do you consider yourself a nonconformist? Then Ro’ology is the blog for you!

Instagram: @Ro.ology | Twitter: Ro_Ology | Facebook: Ronicha Palmer

Name: Nicole Alexandra Diaz

Year: Junior

Major: Editing Writing Media

Minor: Communications

Blog: Be Hue 

Be Hue was founded in July 2015 as a creative outlet to express my thoughts. It covers anything from style, food, beauty, home and travel. My goal is to help gals add that bit of brightness, that bold hue that will enliven every aspect of their lives. My motto is to Be You, Be Hue.

Instagram: @atnicolealexandra | Facebook | Twitter: @atbehue


Name: Summer Calenberg 

Year: Senior

Major: Retail Merchandising & Product Development

Blog: Mermaid Stilettos

My style is different; I don’t always follow the crowds or care what people think. Mermaids are not your “typical” fashion icons – and neither am I. I am genuine in what I post; striving to incorporate my love for the beach, bikinis and anything sandy or sunny with the exact opposite – street fashion, high heels and emerging trends. I challenge myself to be unique and creative with what I have been given, to share what I love and explore where I can. This unique paradox allows me to truly showcase many different types of fashion, accessories, content and collaborations. Mermaids can’t fit into stilettos, but who says they shouldn’t try…

Facebook | Instagram: @mermaidstilettos 

Name: Amanda Burrows

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Minor: Sociology

Blog: Affordable by Amanda

My blog is called Affordable by Amanda and it’s where I post all of my fashion, beauty and lifestyle obsessions! I love to shop on a budget and I coordinate cute outfits that work for long school days or for fun weekend trips with friends. I love to incorporate my Florida lifestyle onto my Instagram so there are always photos from the beach!

Instagram: @affordablebyamanda | Tumblr | Twitter: @affordablebya | Pinterest

Name: Brenna Opelka

Year: Senior

Major: Editing, Writing & Media

Blog: 5foot12

5foot12 is a fashion blog with an emphasis on tall fashion. Through outfit inspiration, documentation of the latest lengthy finds and positivity, I hope that 5foot12 will be the ultimate resource for my fellow tall ladies and fashion lovers alike! As always, remember to stay tuned and stand tall!

Instagram: @5foot12 | Twitter: @5ftwelve

Name: Agustina Bourg

Year: Freshman

Major: Retail Merchandising & Product Development

Minor: Business

Blog: ZaModaMona

I’ve created this blog as a way to express my love for fashion, beauty and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. I hope to be able to provide an exciting page where you can easily access my favorite items, decorating ideas, seasonal recipes, styling tips and much more! I not only publish on my Instagram, but also my Tumblr for those who would enjoy a further look at what inspires me the most. Make sure to check it out! 

Name: Deanna Lopez

Year: Senior 

Major: Entrepreneurship & Retail Management

Minor: Communications

Blog: The Minimal Affinity

Bored from the stereotypical Tumblr fashion, I created a fashion collective of multiple social media sites that transcend season and runway catering to the lovers of minimalistic street style. This blog isn’t about where people are from or what the runway is telling us, it’s about displaying individuals and styles that are minimalistic and self-expressive. Search for The Minimal Affinity on Pinterest and Instagram [@theminimalaffinity]. Viewers are encouraged to submit their own trends via the Tumblr or via email at [email protected].

Name: Chenise Johnson

Year: Junior

Major: Editing, Writing & Media

Minor: Communications 

Blog: Candids of Chenise

Readers can expect to find a variety of things on my blog. I write and review fashion, beauty and entertainment all while sharing important candids in my life.

Instagram: @candidsofchenise | Twitter: @chenisej

Editor-in-Chief, Her Campus FSU // Follow me @rachelepstein_
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