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The 12 Biggest Moments of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things season two. 

It’s been a week since the Netflix premiere of season two of Stranger Things, and if you haven’t already watched all nine episodes, we have one question for you – WHY? If Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will and Eleven weren’t enough to get you hooked in the first season, we don’t know what is. After waiting for what felt like an eternity, Stranger Things is back and better than ever. This year, season two brought us new characters (Billy, Max and our personal favorite, Bob Newby), new romances and, most importantly, a new monster. So, in case you missed what is bound to be the most talked about series of the year, here’s a recap of the biggest moments from Stranger Things season two.

1. Dustin and Steve’s New Bromance

Go ahead, name a better duo – we’ll wait. Probably one of the most unexpected pairings in the series, we can’t imagine what season two would be like without these two coming together. From bad dating advice to the secret behind Steve’s amazing hair (it’s the Farrah Fawcett spray if you’re wondering), Dustin and Steve’s new friendship is one of the best parts of season two.

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2. Hopper Adopts Eleven

The end of season one set us up for what was to come in season two – a relationship between Hopper and Eleven. Much like a father-daughter relationship, Hopper feeds and cares for Eleven as if she were his own. From their big fight and Hopper’s heartbreaking apology to closing the gate, Hopper and Eleven have been through it all, and there was no better way to end the season than by Hopper adopting Eleven.

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3. Eleven’s (or Jane’s) Real Story

“Chapter 7: The Lost Sister” was all about Eleven and her backstory. This season, we learn more about Terry Ives, Eleven’s mother, and her new sister, Kali. Although it has stirred up a lot of mixed emotions for fans everywhere, this episode was pivotal in Eleven’s decision to go back home and help her friends.

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4. Jancy

Steve who? Although we ended season one with Steve sort of being a decent guy, we can’t deny the fact that Nancy and Jonathon had some unspoken sexual tension. So, when they finally get together, we couldn’t help but root for #TeamJancy.

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5. Will is (Kind of) Evil

So, technically he’s not really evil, but Will is hosting the Shadow Monster, which is enough to make him part monster.

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6. Bitchin’

Two words – Punk Eleven. Honestly, we just want to say thanks to Stranger Things for giving us our new favorite saying. #bitchin.

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7. #JusticeForBarb

Enough said.

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8. Steve’s Actually a Badass

Talk about character development. Steve went from ultimate f***boy at the beginning of season one to Dad Steve by the end of season two. From fighting demo-dogs with that self-made bat with nails we saw in season one to protecting the kids at all costs, Steve is not only a total heartbreaker but, as he puts it, “a pretty damn good babysitter.”

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9. Dustin Had a Pet Demogorgon

And it also ate his cat. #RIPMews.

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10. Mike and Eleven’s Reunion

Let us know how 13-year-olds have better love lives than we do. In season two, Mike finally took Eleven to the Snowball and it crushed our hearts into a tiny million pieces. All we have to say at the end of this season with these two is this – we want more.

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11. Bob Newby, We Love You

Basically, the Barb of season two, Bob Newby proved that he was just no average Joe. Other than being the founder of the AV Club, Bob’s computer skills got everyone out of Hawkins Lab safely. Although he didn’t make it out of the lab before being killed by the demo-dogs, Bob will forever be known as “Bob Newby, Superhero.”

Courtesy: Vulture

12. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Clearly, not all heroes wear capes. Instead, they play Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s face it – without all three groups coming together in the end, the Shadow Monster wouldn’t have been defeated, and most importantly, the gate wouldn’t have been closed. Sure, Eleven has superpowers to save the world, but everyone involved in saving Will and Hawkins is a superhero too.

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