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10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Going To College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

You did it! You just received your college acceptance letter, and now you’re probably planning your entire freshman year. Meal plans, dorm décor and student organizations are all expectations that easily come to mind. But let’s discuss some of the things they don’t tell you about going to college.

1. You probably won’t end up loving your roommate

Regardless of whether you’re rooming with your best friend or a random person you contacted online, the lack of personal space might bring some issues into your friendship. It’s okay to have problems but be sure to speak up about them.

2. Don’t take eight am classes if you aren’t a morning person

You might think you can do it, but if you could barely make it to your first period, you probably won’t make it to your morning lectures either.

3. You’ll have to balance going out and study time

I won’t lie; it’s super fun going out on a Thursday night. But if you have an exam on Friday morning, you’ll have to make the tough decision to stay in sometimes.

4. The library is more than just a study space

You will go with friends with the intention of studying, but sometimes you’ll find yourself making new friends, hyping yourself up on coffee and filling your night with jokes and laughs.

5. You might struggle to get through some intro-level classes

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If you have a difficult major, finishing a class with a C might be a job well done. If you don’t end up with the grade you wanted, no one will judge you for repeating the course. It happens to most of us.

6. Party smart

If partying is your thing, get ready to party your heart out. But once you hit 21, make sure to always hold your drinks and watch whoever makes them. If you walk home, always have a buddy with you. Take an Uber instead of driving. Most importantly, don’t wear white shoes to the club.

7. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors

They are there to help you. Don’t be afraid to attend their office hours, ask for extensions or let them know how you’re doing in the course.

8. You may not love it

It’s normal to have doubts about the school you chose, the major you’re pursuing and your overall enjoyment. It’s not right for everyone, and that’s okay.

9. Prioritize getting enough sleep

With college being a busy place, you may not have the best sleep schedule. It’s okay if you go to sleep at six am and wake up at two pm. You may not even have a sleep schedule. Whatever your situation may be, make sure to take naps, get enough sleep before exams and know that it’s okay to be too tired sometimes.

10. College will be over before you know it

College is full of fun and new experiences, as well as stress and long nights of studying. But before you know it, everything you’ve come to know will be over in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget to live in the moment and don’t take a second for granted.

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Courtney is a junior at Florida State University. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Her passions include writing, going to the beach, and surfing Pinterest while she should be studying. Find her on instagram: @courtneyl.s
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