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10 Things I’m Not Going to Miss About Living in Tallahassee

Guess what? Spring graduation is upon us. Guess who is in denial that she is graduating in a matter of weeks? It’s definitely not me. Nope. Before I continuing lying to myself and to the Her Campus readers I need to share some things I will not miss about Tallahassee when I leave. I mean, it took me a solid few months to even learn how to accurately spell the city I would call home for the next four years!

1. The Dorms

Ah, my freshman year dormitory. Smith Hall, you will not be missed. From the way you smelled like mold to the elevator that would get stuck on the second floor, you’ve been housing students for quite some time now. Although FSU is working on knocking down all the ancient dorms (R.I.P Kellum Hall), I thank Smith Hall for bringing my best friend and I closer and for showing me how to share a bathroom with a floor of girls.

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2. The FSU Bookstore

The first week of classes mean everyone and their mother (but seriously, everyone brings their mothers) will be in the bookstore. The lines go on way past the snack aisles and will take you a minimum of an hour to check out. Yet the bookstore also offers insanely discounted clothes ($6 tank tops!) and act as another place for you hang out in in-between classes.

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3. The Leach

Going to the gym is a struggle in itself, but trying to organize a trip to work out is almost impossible. Usually the group fitness classes are full and the leach is just... so far away from everything. But this place is huge and that means one can find herself a secluded part to stretch out at in peace.

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4. The Strip

Weekends spent at The Strip can add up to some serious $$. Ubers, cover charges and post-going out trips to McDonald's can cost you serious moolah. But where else can you expect to see all of your friends to have a good time?

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5. Game Day Stress

Waking up early and trying to find a parking spot anywhere near Doak is impossible. There are always people lined up and down every street! Finding a cute outfit to wear is also complicated in itself because one can not repeat the same look two weekends in a row. But as soon as you hear the familiar echo of the War Chant all of that is forgotton.

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6. The Parking Lots

Everyone has been there-illegally waiting in the fire lanes while you stalk someone walking through the door of Traditions parking lot to ask them, “Are you leaving?” when you have five minutes until class. Nothing is more awkward than giving these people rides to their spots, too. But honestly what is FSU without these times because everyone has crazy stories to tell afterward. #ThanksForTheMemories

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7. Getting Lost in Bellamy

When I first arrived to school back in 2012, my 9:00 am class was located in 003. And I’ve been confused every day since. The winding staircases go into narrow hallways that look the EXACT same on every floor. And when you enter the building you thinking that you're on the first floor but you're really not on the first floor until you go up the stairs!? If that wasn’t one, then what floor was it?

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8. Strozier Starbucks

Want a coffee? “Sorry we’re out.” Want a frappuccino? “Sorry we’re out.”  These are the words nobody wants to hear at 1 a.m. while cramming for finals. Here's hoping Stroz Starbucks can be more well-stocked next year. Thanks for being open 24/7 though, because when the meltdowns kicked in you were the first place to go.

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9. Run-Ins With Ex-Teachers/Roommates

Spotting your teacher at Madison Social is unbelievably awkward. You think: “Why is my English professor HERE?!” And it's even worse to run-into old roomies who you may not have gotten along with for most of the year... but these things are important to show you far you’ve come in life! It's all about life lessons.

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10. The Tomahawk Chop

The amount of times I’ve chopped during football games is way too many because I always end up with a sore arm! Yet the games would not be the same without this iconic FSU tradition.

Courtesy: Tallahassee.com

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m actually going to miss all of these things and more. Thanks so much for everything, Florida State.

Amanda is a Senior at Florida State University who loves writing about local Tallahassee culture, anything fashion related, and tips to help all college girls live a happy & healthy lifestyle! She also has her own blog, www.affordablebyamanda.com where she talks about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and college related tips!
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