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10 Spring Break Survival Essentials

          Spring break is right around the corner, Ladies. As we struggle to finalize plans, ace our last tests, and pack our lives into our duffel bags (that are now somehow too small for all of our sh*t), just remember: WU-SAH! Rushing never fails to leave us realizing too late that we forgot everything we told ourselves, “DO NOT FORGET!” Regardless of where you’re headed, or what you have planned for this year’s week of pure chaos, these are the things we women simply cannot afford to forget.

1. Cell Phone Charger

Forget this, and you’re automatically that girl bumming a charger off all of your friends. And if you’re the only one with a Droid and everyone else is on the iPhone game… F-your-LIFE. I don’t know about you, but the money I plan to blow on spring break definitely won’t be on a $30 charger! More importantly, you definitely want to have some way to get a hold of your crew if stranded in a foreign place. Safety first!

2. Headphones

Going to the beach, or taking a long road trip without headphones is the most heartbreaking thing to realize you've forgotten. On another note, if you’re crammed into a hotel with paper-thin walls and the couple next door decides to get busy, headphones are beyond a life saver; unless you’re like me and find this scenario to be entertainment at its finest.

3. Sunscreen /Aloe

We all want to get savage on the beach. And for some reason, too many girls are under the impression that if you wear sunscreen, you don’t tan. WRONG! But for those of you who still think you’re invincible against the intense UV radiation of a Mexican sun, you’ll be thanking me later for remembering to bring that fat bottle of aloe.

4. Lotion/Moisturizer

The sun certainly takes its toll on your skin, but if you’re like me, it doesn’t matter; rain or shine, I always “puts the lotion on the skin.” (Haaaah!) Soft skin for the win!

5. Heels

Spring break is the time to get out there and strut your stuff. Everyone has their own style, so whether you’re a pump princess, a sassy stiletto stunner, or wedge-edge type of gal, you can’t forget your favorite pair of heels!

6. Lip-Everything

Stick it to em’ with a bold color, or go for the sleek-and-chic gloss look! Lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick — if it’s got “lip” in the name, it’s a must-have in the packing game.

7. Blacked Out Shades

Beyond hiding the massive agony you’re in from the night before, blacked out shades are perfect for people watching. Spring break is the ultimate week to sit back and observe the world of drunken chaos around you, and since your lenses are extra dark, people won’t even realize you’re the fool watching their foolishness. It’s a win-win situation.

8. Birth Control/Condoms

If you forget your birth control, you’ve just wasted money and sabotaged your cycle. And let’s be real, there’s always the chance of having that one night when your drunk goggles take over and morals sound more like shmorals. Even if you know you’re not going to be on the prowl in any way, shape, or form, one of your girlfriends is guaranteed to be. SO BE SAFE!

9. Rejection Hotline

Caution: you will be approached by undesirably hairy and persistent men at some point or another during your spring break escapades. And there’s nothing more awkward than when a guy asks for your digits and you’re too nice to say no.  This is your escape: 1 (206) 202-0619. Who knew this silly prank we played on each other in middle school would turn out to be the perfect scapegoat? (If they try to call while you're standing there… run!)

10. Your A-Game

Bringing you’re A-game is more than just stepping out of the house looking “so fresh and so clean-clean.” You have to bring it! Your A-game is a mixture of class with a little bit of sass. We all have our moments of weakness when the alcohol may get the best of us, but you can’t own it if you can’t even stand! Walk the walk, and talk that talk.

          The list could go on forever, but trust me, these are the ten essentials that will ensure your survival throughout the week. Happy Spring-Breaking, Ladies!

My name is Cierra Roth, Currently I'm a Junior and a brand new member of the Her Campus FSU chapter! Fashion, music, culture and healthy living are my forte. Love spreading positive vibes; positively love vibing.
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