10 Reasons Why Mindy Lahiri is the Best Character on TV

Source: Glamour

Mindy Kaling brings the character of Mindy Lahiri to life on the FOX network sitcom The Mindy Project. In addition to portraying the main character, Kaling is also the creator, producer, writer, and director of the show. The Mindy Project does a fantastic job of intentionally demolishing classic romantic comedy tropes. Instead, the audience is left with more realistic yet hilarious portrayals of romance as Mindy Lahiri balances her career with her love life. Mindy is by far one of television’s most relatable characters. Here are just ten reasons why she is the best character on TV:

1. Mindy loves Beyoncé so much that she kept Bey in mind when choosing her warrior name.

2. She always keeps us entertained with her witty remarks. 

3. She is very self-aware.

4. Instead of bashing her body, she uses self-deprecating humor.

5. She has her priorities down pat.

6. She’s honest about what she really wants out of a relationship. 

7. She has amazing self-confidence.

8. She realizes that one’s past does not define one’s future.

9. Mindy’s use of pop culture references is on point.

10. Last but not least, Mindy is not shy about her love of food.