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10 Pups on Instagram You Need to Follow ASAP

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With the endless amount of dog and cat Instagrams out there, it is hard to know which is the best to follow—they are all SO CUTE! How could you possibly decide? Here is a definitive rank of the best pups to follow on Instagram. 

10. Reagan Doodle

To start our countdown to #1 is Reagan Doodle. This Australian Labradoodle shares his instagram with both his (human) brother and sister! Not only do you get to follow the adventures of this pup, but you get to follow the adventures of a family. 

9. Hot Dudes with Dogs

While this Instagram is not purely dogs, it does deserve an honorable mention. It posts pictures submitted by fans of Hot Dudes cuddling with ‘man’s best friend.’ It definitely deserves a follow if you enjoy beautiful men and adorable dogs.

8. Merve_man

Merve_man, also known as Mervis Jr. Winston Wilson is dubbed as a ‘Public Figure’ in his instagram bio, but honestly deserves a title way higher with greater meaning. Based in Pittsburgh, this mini goldendoodle has an eye for art, as exhibited in his photos. He loves posing for photos with his tongue out (don’t we all?) and hates being put in his crate.

7. the Dogist 

This is the account for you if you cannot decide on what kind of pup is the cutest. They feature a new dog each post, which contains the dog’s name, breed, age and a fun fact about him/her. This is a refreshing break from your instagram feed as it features a new pup each post!

6. Marnie the Dog

Specialties: sticking his tongue out in an adorable way. Need I say more?

(P.S. Marnie has his own book—you should aspire to be as successful.)

5. renecharlesnyc

These artistically shot pictures coupled with carefully thought out captions are #goals. Rene-Charles is inspiration for your personal feed as a ‘flawless Frenchie’ with so much sass within a single post. The brilliant captions are probably the best you will find on instagram and leave you with the thought, “why can’t this be my Instagram?”

4. Aspen the Mountain Pup

Aspen is another wonderful Instagram that does not just feature a stunningly beautiful golden retriever but also a sense of wonder. These shots are honestly more artistic than National Geographic. He is a pup on an adventure and will leave you wanting to be half as cool as he is.

3. geb_kibbyandharlow

Geb Kibby and Geb Harlow are more inspiring than you would think. This Instagram features a puppy in training to be certified with the “Guiding Eyes for the Blind.” Oh, and she’s pregnant too. This instagram follows her adventures, recently featured her maternity shoot and will soon feature HER puppies! 

2.  Poochofnyc

This pooch, Agador, is the coolest kid on the block. He loves his round glasses, as they bring out his round hair and can be seen on the streets of New York. His demeanor is matched with his amazing hair which leaves you in awe, which is why he is #2 on the list. #hairgoals

1. Popeye the foodie

This adorable puppy started in the LA streets and rose to the top through Instagram. He works his way through LA as a food connoisseur and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Popeye’s greatness grows from the fact he is photographed with food and is a mixed breed that used to be a stray. Now one of the most popular pups on Instagram, he truly is an inspiration for us all. 

All photos are courtesy of their owners and Instagrams

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