10 Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes

Between the upcoming cold front and the rise in costume stores around town, Halloween, or spooky season, is officially upon us. If you are tired of breaking out the same pair of bunny ears for every costumed occasion, here are some cute pop culture-inspired Halloween costume ideas.


Kardashian Triplets

What to Wear: Go as your new favorite Kardashians, aka True, Stormi, and Chicago, by wearing pink onesies. Be sure to add trendy touches to the outfit with your accessories. Yeezys anyone?

Kanye West and Lil Pump

What to Wear: This is the ultimate DIY costume. Use cardboard boxes to create the same boxy figure and wear a big sweatshirt over it. Pair it with some simple sneakers. No costume will make an entrance quite like this one.

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

White Claws

What to Wear: Here is another DIY project. Draw or print the White Claw logo onto simple white tank dresses. Pair this with accessories that match your flavor: green for Natural Lime, peach for Ruby Grapefruit, pink for Black Cherry, red for Raspberry, and yellow for Mango.

The Incredibles

What to Wear: Honestly, just buy the costume from Target or Party City. It’s a lot easier than recreating this red spandex moment piece by piece.

Courtesy: Disney

The Cast of Riverdale

What to Wear: Going as the Riverdale cast is easily adjustable by including more characters, making this the perfect group costume. To go as Betty, all you need is jeans, a cardigan, and a cute top. She keeps it simple and cute. To go as Veronica, it’s really all about the pearls so pair a pearl necklace with a leather skirt and a simple blouse. To go as Cheryl, you need red, lots and lots of red. A red dress with chunky black heels and red lipstick is the perfect way to channel this bombshell. To go as Jughead, bring back the beanies from your angst stage and get ready to layer. Wear a graphic tee, a flannel, and a leather jacket with jeans to truly be your inner Jughead. To be Archie, break out a Letterman jacket paired with jeans.

Mamma Mia!

What to Wear: Channel your inner Donna by breaking out your favorite pair of overalls. If that isn’t enough for you, get two friends and go as the Dynamos. Ruffled jeans and microphones are a must for this girl group.

Courtesy: PopSugar​


What to Wear: To be one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, you’ll need a leotard. To be Liberty Belle, try to find an American flag printed leotard and pair it with her signature white sneakers. To be Zoya the Destroya, you need a gray leotard paired with black boots and white socks.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

What to Wear: To be your favorite Duchess, all you need is a white dress, tiara, and a veil. To be Harry, you just need a proper suit. This is probably the most simple couple’s costume in 2018.


Courtesy: NY Times

Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

What to Wear: Become Lara Jean by dressing equal parts preppy and cool: plaid skirt, sweater, and Doc Martens. Bonus points if you can find Noah Centineno to complete the outfit.

Elle from The Kissing Booth

What to Wear: You have to wear the iconic plaid skirt. It’s the most recognizable outfit from the movie. Make sure to match it with a button up or polo and a tie. 

Courtesy: Netflix