10 Men You Will Find in the Dating Pool (as Told by the Mindy Project)

As someone who is an avid watcher of romantic comedies and not ashamed of it, I nevertheless have to continue to defend my movie collection to countless friends. Sure, I love dramas and action movies, but can one really watch The Godfather twice in one week? I think not. Can one watch While You Were Sleeping twice in a week? I can with no problem. My love for romantic comedies attracted me to the show The Mindy Project, because it is essentially a romantic comedy about someone who has watched too many romantic comedies. The show revolves around the character Mindy Lahiri, who searches for love in very unrealistic ways because she looks to the unrealistic traditions of romantic comedies in taking her own romantic risks. The results are pretty hilarious. During the first few seasons, Mindy dates a slew of potential Mr. Rights. The following are ten different types of guys that anyone may find out in the dating pool:

The “Friends with Benefits” Guy: he’s into hooking up with you, but when it comes to dating, he wants no part of it.

The “Elitist” Guy: he’s the cute intellectual guy, but he’s rather pretentious and never hesitates to judge your tastes.

The “He’s Actually Kind of a Jerk” guy: he may have been perfect on paper, but while getting to know him better you actually find out he’s kind of a jerk.

The “Not Over Their Ex” Guy: even though this guy is putting himself back out there, he’s still in love with his ex.

The “Still Doesn’t Know What He Wants to Do with His Life” Guy: this guy can’t make up his mind on what he wants to do career-wise, so he bounces from one profession to the next.

The “Child”: the guy who can’t seem to grow up.

The “Overprotective Guy”: he is very dedicated to you. However, the overprotectiveness can be a bit much sometimes.

The “Life of the Party Guy”: he’s loud and obnoxious at times, but he never fails to lighten up your mood when you’re having a rough day.

The “Man” Guy: this guy has the habit of always making the distinction that he is not a guy but a man. Having a successful career comes with the territory.

The “More than Just Friends” guy: this is your best friend who ends up being more than just a friend.