10 Lessons Lily and Marshall Taught Us About Dating Your Best Friend

Lily and Marshall on “How I Met Your Mother” are easily everyone’s relationship goals. Here are 10 things they taught us about dating your best friend.

1. You have conversations only you and your S.O. will see as normal. 

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2. You never want to fight with each other…

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3. However, when you do, you always find a way to work through it.

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4. You and your S.O. have weirdly adorable nicknames for each other. 

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5. Your friends know that you guys are meant to be together.

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6. You two are always on the same page. 

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7. Your S.O. won’t hold back to call you out when you forget about something.   

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8. You guys always manage to have a fun time together.

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9. As cliché as it is, you can rock the themed Halloween Costume.  

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10. At the end of the day you both love the fact that you are with your best friend, because well, they are your best friend.

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