10 Emotions That Every Book Lover Feels

When you read a book, it’s often an emotional and intimate journey. In fact, it’s a lot like falling in love because it’s messy and frustrating, but ultimately worth it.

At first you are full of anticipation, but then after a chapter or two you get a little bored. Can we just get to the good stuff already?

Then a moment comes where you think, “wait?! Did I read that right?”

Because finally, they give you something to get excited about.

And it really is great for a while—at least until you get to the point where you want to shake some sense into your hero or heroine.

You really have just had enough of this nonsense. “I can’t take it anymore!”

But then the moment you’ve been waiting for happens and you are sucked in again!

You’re just so happy and satisfied that you can barely contain your smile.

We all know that that moment of bliss will only exist for so long because authors just love to crush your dreams with a HUGE cliffhanger…

You wonder why you didn’t know the book was a part of a series, and now you are left impatiently waiting for the next one to come out in the series.

But you never have to question if it was a time well spent because it always is a time well spent. Books are practically your best friends.