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I recently received a message from a distant cousin of mine, one I’ve never met before. I’d never even heard of her. But now I can’t wait to meet her, because we share something in common: we both have boyfriends that are on missions for our church.

We started our conversation by talking about where our boyfriends are serving, but it quickly turned into an online version of a slumber party. We swapped stories of how we met our boyfriends, how we miss them, the sweet letters they send us, and what plans we have for when we get home.

I don’t have a lot of friends who know about missionaries. While my family and friends are supportive, most of them don’t know exactly what my feelings are. They don’t know how it feels to miss someone for two years. So I am extremely grateful for the friendship of this long-lost relative of mine.

She also invited me to join and Facebook group of girls who are in the same situation. I love reading the posts and asking questions. I can always be confident that I will get a supportive response from these girls. While we all have different stories and backgrounds, we all have the same emotions. Being a part of that is an invaluable source of comfort.

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