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Keeping FC Healthy

You may have noticed the increase in Wellness events Franklin has sponsored this year, but you probably don't know the face behind them. Emily Marten, Franklin College's new wellness coordinator, said she is working hard to ensure there are plenty of events to interest students of any athletic ability.

Marten is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and has a degree in communications from the University of Dayton. Wellness, she says, has always been a passion of her’s. In addition to working at Franklin College, she teaches physical education at St. Rose in Franklin.

"Wellness fits into my skill set because there is a lot of public relations involved," Marten said.

Upcoming Wellness events include weekly yoga classes at noon on Tuesdays, and Turbo kick classes at 7:30 p.m. the next two Wednesday. Turbo Kick is aerobic kickboxing done to popular music. Marten is also spearheading a "Couch to 5k” program. A group of 27 Franklin College students are training twice weekly to run the Indy 500 Festival 5k in May.

Event turnout continues to increase and improve with each event, Marten said. Zumba has been the most popular event and there are plans to bring it back next year.

Marten explains that no athletic skill is required to attend a Wellness event.

"This is the perfect avenue you can take. The majority of people that come to these events are people that are not athletes. The classes give you structure to help get you into shape," Marten said. "It's encouraging because there are more people there and you can brings your friends. It’s also motivating to know that every Wednesday there is a class you can go to." 
If you have any feedback on classes you would like to see in the future email Emily Marten at emarten@franklincollege.edu or "like" Franklin College Wellness Program at www.facebook.com/FCWellness and post it on the wall.

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