Your Guide to Self Tanning

I am here to let you all in on the best self tanners on the market! No one likes a streaky, orange, or flaky tan. If you want to achieve a streakless, golden brown tan without a tanning bed, then keep reading! 

I love self tanning- especially in the winter time. I know a lot of women who love using self tanners as well to darken their complexion when it is not summertime! However, some people gravitate towards tanning beds, while others use self tanners at home. I personally have never used a tanning bed due to the high risk factors. It is just not worth it to risk your health for a tan when there are other ways! 

With that being said, my favorite self tanners are Loving Tan, St. Tropez, and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads. These can be purchased online, Ulta Beauty, or Sephora. Although these are higher end tanning brands, it is worth the money considering the results. It is best to choose a shade that suits your undertone. Whether your undertone is olive, pink, or reddish, there are tanners that coordinate with that color. In addition to this, there are usually either mousses or lotions. I prefer the mousse option considering the lightweight consistency. It is important to invest in a tanning “mitt” as well to apply the tanner in order to achieve the streak free look. 

Loving Tan

Pros: great scent, streak free, great color

Cons: pricey, sometimes splotchy (but rare)

St. Tropez

Pros: my favorite!, great color, great scent, great texture and consistency

Cons: pricey

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

Pros: a wipe form, so no mitt required, good scent, not messy

Cons: may not be able to tell where the product was applied right away

Some steps to get the most out of your self tanner: 

  1. Exfoliate in the shower beforehand to remove dead skin
  2. Before applying tanner, apply lotion on the tops of feet and hands
  3. Grab your tanning mitt
  4. Squeeze 2-3 pumps onto the mit and apply to your body in circular motions
  5. Let the tanner dry before putting on DARK clothing
  6. Most tanners can be applied to the face-although there are specific face tanners