Who Was Ted Bundy?

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. He was born November 24, 1946. His mother was 22 when she had Ted and was unmarried, which at that time was a big deal. She didn't know who his father was, which caused her a lot of unwanted attention and shame. Growing up he was told that his mother was actually his sister and his grandparents were his parents. This caused a lot of confusion in Ted’s life once he learned the truth.

His mother eventually married Ted’s stepdad who he never had a good relationship with. Ted was an extremely smart child but developed a strange fascination with knives at the age of 3. There was once an incident with Ted’s aunt and while she was sleeping he put knives all around her. When she woke up, he was standing at the foot of the bed staring at her. As Ted grew into a teenager, the darker side of him began to come out more. He was the neighborhood’s peeping Tom and he began to steal from people.

Ted went to college and got a degree in psychology, and even got accepted into law school, but he would never become anything admirable. Ted began his crimes in the 1970’s and admitted to killing 36 women across the country, but experts say that he could have killed more than 100 women. There is actually a chance that Ted’s first victim was a little girl in his neighborhood when he was 13. He would lure his victims with his good looks and by pretending to be hurt. Ted was caught by getting pulled over and being found with many items that were clearly going to be used for malicious purposes. There was also one woman who escaped Ted and was able to tell the police what happened to her and who did it.

Ted was able to escape prison twice by jumping out windows when officers were not paying attention to him. During his second escape, he went on a rampage and murdered 2 young college students and then kidnapped and murdered a 12 year old girl. Despite Ted’s good looks and charm he was convicted on all counts. During the time that Ted was killing, he also had a girlfriend who did not know about his double life. She had a young daughter from a previous relationship who Ted treated as his own. She did become suspicious of Ted and ended up working with the police to put him away. She even provided them with evidence that would ultimately be the end of Ted’s freedom.

While Ted was in prison he married another woman and impregnated her with his daughter. His wife believed his innocence until the last 2 years of his imprisonment when she finally realized that he was guilty. She divorced him immediately and took their daughter away. On January 24, 1989 at 7:00 am Ted Bundy was finally executed for his crimes. He requested that he would be cremated and scattered in an area where he murdered at least 4 of his victims. There was no service for him. His victims and their families finally had the closure they needed to heal and move on, but nothing could ever bring back the women that he took from this world way too soon.