When to Drop a Class

As add/drop comes to a close you may be figuring out if you should keep that class you’re on the fence about. Sometimes it’s the best option for you, sometimes it’s going to be okay if you just suffer through. Remember that it is syllabus week and that’s usually the most boring part of the semester. Here's a couple things to consider before you make any decision. 

Are you already checked out?

It maybe syllabus week but do you feel as though it’s the last week of class? Are you already so done with the class you can’t even deal? Then maybe this class isn’t for you. You can take this class another semester if you have to. Maybe this class doesn’t work well with your schedule. And that’s okay.

Do you really need this class?

Is this class a requirement for your major or a gen ed? Chances are you don’t need to do this exact class. The great thing about college is that there’s options. If you hate this gen ed. class you can find another class you’ll hate less. You don’t have to like your gen eds. You just have to tolerate them.

Could you be doing something better with your time?

One of the most important part of your college experience is exploring your academic interest.  So look again and see what classes are being offered that you might have missed.

Have you talked to your advisor/professor?

Talk to a trusted mentor about the decision. They’ll be able to offer words of wisdom but in the end it’s your choice. If you feel that if this class is going to ruin your semester, then don’t do it. But your advisor might be able to give you a new perspective on the class.

There’s no shame in dropping a class. But you should drop sooner rather than later if it's the right thing for you to do. Your schedule may not turn out exactly how you thought it would be that’s okay.