What It's Been Like Being in a Relationship for Almost Two Years

I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years (It'll be two years on November 17th!) and let me tell you...IT IS NOT EASY!!! All relationships have their ups and downs, so it was only natural that mine had them too. 

Prince Charming, unfortunately, does not exist. In the beginning of my relationship there was no fighting, but that's because no one fights when they first start dating. In the first few months of a relationship the couple is still getting out of the nervous stage of the relationship, so not much conflict occurs because they are not fully comfortable with each other yet. I would say that it took my boyfriend and I about six months before we had our first fight. Nothing big, I cant even remember what it was, but having little fights every once in a while is normal.

Believe it or not, conflict in a relationship is healthy. If you got along with your significant other all the time, it would become boring. You also become extremely comfortable with your significant other. At this point I'm not nervous around my boyfriend at all. It's crazy how close you can become with someone in such a short amount of time.

All relationships are different, and I am not an expert, so this is all based on my experience and knowledge. I have not been in a relationship for an extremely long time so I'm sure there are new things I am still going to learn about being with someone for long term. Overall, being in a relationship for the amount of time I have is full of ups and downs, and I wouldn't want it any other way.