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Vice President Biden, MCM

Joe, Mr. Vice President, Mr. MCM, here are the reasons why you are the exception to my no grandpa rule ;)

1: Looking into his eyes, is like taking a dip into the clearest of Caribbean blue water.

2. Leslie Knopes words are law.Ben is cute but you all know you were rooting for Knopiden.

3. TBH your man standing up for you and your sisters is probably the sexiest thing he can do.

He spearheaded "The Violence Against Women act" (1994) which  celebrated its 22 birthday a few weeks ago. Also his participation in "Its On Us" Which is a campaign to end sexual violence on campus.

4. I want Joe Biden to look at me the way he looks at Obama.

5.That's what she said, Joe

6. Some women like man buns. I like aviators...


8.I think we will all be watching.....

9.He is relatable

It's Friday and you're sitting in your last class of the day, which happens to be the most boring 2 hour GenEd so you start F***ING with your friend who is actually taking notes

10. He is famous

So there are a lot of photos out there that I can do this to...

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