The True Crime Podcast You Must Listen To

For all those true crime lovers like me, there is an amazing podcast that will surely give you your true crime fix! It's called Crime Junkie. It consists of two best friends telling stories of murders, missing persons, serial killers, and so much more.

The host, Ashley Flowers, is an amazing storyteller and Brit, the other host, is always coming up with ideas and theories that could very well be true. Cases that you have never even heard of are covered on this podcast. Once a month, to lighten the content, the two besties do a segment called Pruppet Of The Month where they tell a rescue dog's story of finding a family.

picture credit: crime junkie podcast 

This is my favorite podcast and I'm sure it will become yours too!

You can find and listen to this podcast on their website, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts!