Top 5 Rider Strong Movies

Most of you might remember Rider Strong from his role as Shawn Hunter, the dreamy, sensitive, bad boy who stole everyone’s hearts on the popular sitcom, Boy Meets World, but he has also starred in movies. These are the top 5 Rider Strong movies that you don’t wanna miss.

#5 Tooth and Nail 

Tooth and Nail is a post-apocalyptic movie about a group of people that are living in an abandoned hospital and must fight off cannibals to survive. Tooth and Nail also stars Alexandra Barreto, Rider’s wife, his girlfriend at the time, best known as Ana Gutierrez from The Fosters. Robert Carradine also stars in Tooth and Nail, you might remember him as Lizzie McGuire’s dad. Tooth and Nail is a horror film with some romantic vibes, as Rider’s character, Ford and Alex’s character, Torino are the last couple to survive out of the nine survivors. This is a movie I strongly recommend because who wouldn’t want to see this gorgeous couple in movie together.

#4 Borderland 

Borderland is about three Texas college grads who take a trip to Mexico after graduation, the leader of the group, Henry’s (Jake Muxworthy) idea. “Imagine a land, if you will, where a man can be a man. A land where he can indulge in all those animal urges, far from the petty judgments of parents and teachers and less-enlightened peers. A land where he can ride the demon!” He yells in a fake preacher’s voice. This is a true bromance movie about three best friends who don’t know that the week that is supposed to be the best week of their lives turns into their worst nightmare, as they come across a human-sacrifice cult. It is loosely based on a true story about a cult leader in Mexico who practiced human sacrifice, Aldolfo de Jesus Constanzo who he and his Narco-satanists, murdered Mark J. Kilroy, University of Texas junior, in the spring of 1989. I admit that this movie is extremely sad, like it’ll make you laugh and it’ll make you cry, but Rider was so freakin’ cute in it! You have to see it!

#3 Cabin Fever 

Cabin Fever is a horror comedy film about five college friends who rent a cabin in the woods over spring break. They come across a hermit with a flesh eating virus. What they don’t know is that they may fall victim of the flesh eating virus as well. The director, Eli Roth’s inspiration for the film came from is trip from Iceland where he developed a skin infection. It’s a good movie to watch if you like horror and comedy, but it’s not too scary.

#2 The Penthouse

The Penthouse is an indie comedy film about a guy named Tyler (Corey Large), who wins a penthouse on a reality tv show. He decides to let his two lifelong friends live with him in the penthouse, and they turn it into a wild bachelor pad. Kieran (Rider Strong) a struggling writer, soon decides that the penthouse, party life may not be the place for him. His girlfriend, Erica (Kaley Cuocu) who he tried to break up with, but she didn’t get the hint, wants him to settle down and find a place together. He is undecided whether he should stay with her or not. Tyler’s younger sister, Trista (April Scott) comes to visit him for a while before she goes to study abroad in Paris. She and Kieran become very close as they reminisce on old memories they had from their childhood together.

#1 Eyes of Fire 

Eyes of Fire, Rider Strong’s almost secret movie, that he wrote and filmed with his brother Shiloh, and his parents. It is not available to watch anywhere online, but there were a few copies of the dvd and blu-ray sold on Amazon. I was lucky enough to snag the last dvd sold on Amazon. Now there is only one dvd left for sale on eBay, but there are a few clips of the movie on YouTube. It’s a comedy about four friends who head to the forest to celebrate, after graduating from high school. The movie starts out with Rider Strong’s character, Willie Barnes running around the forest naked. He was running to get the fire ants off of him, that crawled onto his clothes. The cops show up because there is a bush that was set on fire. The forest rangers interview the four kids one by one to find out who started the fire. As the story goes on, the four friends begin to find out some stuff they never knew about each other before, and some big secrets are revealed. This is a funny movie with some immature jokes, the kind of stuff I guess 20 year old Rider Strong thought was funny. I couldn’t stop laughing, but I see how some people might not think the jokes are all that funny. I still highly recommend this movie because who wouldn’t want to see Rider Strong running around naked.