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Things to Help You Refresh and Recharge Over Spring Break

Spend time with friends

Spend time with friends during your free time over spring break, since we understand how difficult it is to do during your busy school schedule. Go out, forget about classes and enjoy time doing things with your friends!


Sleep in/Nap

Some of us rarely have time to sleep in or take naps while juggling classes, work and a social life. This break gives us the chance to relax and get in those Z’s we miss out on during the busy semester!


Netflix Marathon

You finally have time to catch up on all those Netflix series you had to put on pause during the semester! Binge watch all the shows you’ve been missing!



While you are hanging around with nothing to do, might as well go through some of the stuff in your room. You can do some spring cleaning, and make some room for the summer!


Enjoy your hobbies

You have time to enjoy some of your little hobbies! Take some time to read a book, write a poem, paint a picture, or do any hobby you enjoy to de-stress!



You can take some time doing yoga or meditating to refresh your mind and mentally prepare for the last few months of school after break!

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