Things to be Grateful For

Food ~ We often take the simple things for granted. Food is often one of them. Whether you eat three square meals a day or just something to get you through your day, food is something we should be grateful for

Having somewhere safe to live ~ Some people have nowhere to go or nowhere safe to be and that’s truly unfortunate. Make sure to think about the fact that you live somewhere that you can feel safe and welcome.

Good health ~ Not everyone is 100% healthy all the time, but for most people, good health is something we don’t miss until it’s gone.

A good cup of coffee/tea ~  Having a nice cup of coffee in the morning to get you going and help you survive the rest of your day is always something to be grateful for. As well as a nice cup of tea at the end of the day to wind down and relax. 

Your favorite song, album, or music artist ~ People often listen to music without thinking about how much it really means to them. When you get the chance, pull up your favorite album, listen to your favorite song, and just feel in the moment when listening.

The sun and moon ~ Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are something people really love but often overlook due to how busy they are. Next time you get the chance, look up and the moon or a sunset and really take in what you're seeing.

Pets/animals ~ Pets can really be something special to us. Make sure to let them know that they are extra loved and take the time to calm down and snuggle up with your pet or make them feel good by playing with them.


A warm bed and pajamas ~ That wonderful feeling when you change into your coziest clothes and climb into bed and just relax with a good show on Netflix or YouTube. That’s the good life right there.

The internet/cell phones ~ We really take for granted our technology that we use every moment of every day. Our phones, laptops, tablets, and the internet; we often don’t realize that we should be grateful for these things.

Random acts of kindness ~ That moment when someone holds the door open for you when they didn’t have to. Or when someone compliments you and/or your work. These and any other acts of kindness should light a spark in you to replicate that kindness to someone else.

True friends ~  The people who are your chosen family. The people you often look forward to talking to or hanging out with. The people you can go to when times are difficult. True friends should not be taken for granted. Remind your friends that you appreciate them and all that they do for you.

Forgiveness ~  We often ask for forgiveness even if we don’t deserve it. But for those who grant us forgiveness, or that moment when you are able to forgive someone else, those moments are important and we should be grateful for.

The weekends ~ Weekends are often overlooked and fly by too fast for us to even take in what’s going on. But for when you do get a moment to relax on the weekends, think about how much you appreciate a great break from your hard work.

Love and laughter ~ Whether it’s a hilarious joke between your friends, or supportive parents, or a long hug from a significant other, all these precious moments should be looked at as exactly that: precious moments.

A new day ~ No matter how hard this past week, month, year has been for you, remember that you have survived every difficult and seemingly impossible moment up to today. You can do this. Just remember to not take each new day as a fresh start for granted.