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Take A Chance: The Study Abroad Experience

Guest Article by Christina Lambropoulos

The cliché once in a lifetime opportunity couldn’t be more accurate. When will you EVER be able to live in a beautiful place with people you don’t recognize? You can finally do whatever without being judged, but even more so MEET new people and do whatever without being judged! The differences from culture to climate will be a surprising journey (super corny, but true).

My semester abroad took place in Valencia, Spain. Valencia was a city I had no idea even existed until a little before I decided to go and live there for four months! Four months flies, it is not enough time to meet people and get to know them, and explore around you. You will love this new form of life and won’t want to return back home. The independency and responsibility but also able to have fun in another country is mind blowing. It makes you step out of your comfort zone (which isn’t always a bad thing) and develop new skills. I don’t understand how seeing different types of buildings or different outfits shape your mind, but it does. I came back as a new and improved person and I loved it.

I have stories for days, whether they’re sad, hilarious, or even awkward! I got more involved than I ever was here in the US! I took dance lessons, and tried new things. My new friends and I spent our money wisely, but were still able to get the full experience. You adapt quick since it’s the only thing you could do, really. But after a while it’s not an adaptation, it’s a way of life. Somehow you learn new things about yourself and others around you as well as new dislikes and likes about you. You might gain weight from trying so many amazing foods, however you might also lose all the weight since transportation a lot of the times is walking. Walking lets you enjoy the streets you pass by every day- you never get sick of it. Let me tell you, walking into new boys every day was the highlight of the day! By the way, Spain is full of cuties (girls as well)! I got a good one- I learned how to use a map, I was pretty excited about that one.

I highly recommend studying abroad, no not because you learn how to read a map, but because you might fall in love, figure out what your future will look like, or simply try the most amazing churro EVER. Never let the distance stop you. Don’t think of bad things that could happen, because really they could happen anywhere. If it were that way we would never leave our rooms. So don’t be afraid of the future, start planning where you’d like to spend the next four months of your life! Come back with new connections, clothes and style, even new words to your vocabulary (hope that wasn’t too nerdy). I hope many of you don’t let this opportunity slip by, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Trust me; it’s so worth it- probably the most action worth taking. If anyone ever has a question- ask me! I’d love to talk about my experience again and again, especially if it makes YOU go and buy a plane ticket!

*If you have any questions about studying abroad or Christina’s experiences email framingha[email protected]*

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