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Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Looking for somewhere to go on this upcoming Valentine’s Day? A night out with dinner and dessert is the way to go. If you have a love for burgers and frappes, then take a trip to the Boston Burger Company. If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, then check out this place. Even it is busy that night, go back another time. They are always serving up new creations.  Also, if you’re a foodie and love getting a beautiful picture for Snapchat, Pinterest or Instagram, then this restaurant should be on your list of places to visit. Their creations are mouthwatering and so delicious looking that all your friends will be envious. Boston Burger Company is known for their delicious creations of “burgers with attitude” and “freak frappes”. Their Valentine’s Day special features a frappe topped with sweet treats and candy. This year’s creation looks amazingly satisfying for a chocolate and strawberry craving. (Photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/BeqTnUJhXE3/)


Follow them on social media to see more of they serve up at their locations in the Boston area. Warning! It will make you hungry; you’ll want everything on the menu.  Enjoy!

Rachel Davis

Framingham '19

Hi I'm Rachel, a senior at Framingham State University. My major is Communication Arts and I have a minor in Marketing. I am currently seeking to develop a career in the advertising and social media marketing industry. I love going on Pinterest, practicing mindfulness, eating good food, hanging out with friends, doing outdoor activities, going on road trips, traveling to new places, and taking beautiful photos!
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