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Summer Bucket List

School’s out and it’s time to have some fun! We have 3 months to jam-pack all the things we want to do before next school year starts! Here is a bucket list of things to do while you’re on break this summer:


1. Go to the beach

The beach is always a go-to summer activity! Go enjoy the water and relax in the sand!


2. Get ice cream

Treat yourself this summer and go get your favorite ice cream flavor!


3. Visit another state

Try going for a little trip and visiting somewhere you’ve never been. It can be as close or as far as you want, just enjoy the adventure!


4. Go to a concert

Get tickets to see your favorite band and enjoy an outdoor show!


5. Go on a road trip

Plan a route and drive to multiple destinations you’ve never been!


6. Visit a flower field

Flowers are blooming, go to a flower field and enjoy their beauty as well as pick some to bring home!


7. Go to a water park

Cool down by visiting a water park for the day! Have fun swimming or going down the water slides!


8. Go kayaking/paddle boarding

Get outside and try kayaking or paddle boarding! Check out new rivers, lakes or ponds in your area!


9. Try something new

Do something you’ve never done before, or try something new!


10. Have a campfire and make a s’more

Campfires are always a great time to hang out and talk with friends, and don’t forget to make yourself a s’more!


11. Clean your room, organize your things and purge

Tidy up, get rid of old things and get ready for the new year!


12. Volunteer

Help someone out this summer and volunteer in something you enjoy!


13. Make something

Build, paint or draw something! Get your creative side going and do some crafts!


14. Donate

Donate to a good cause that you believe in!


15. Spend time with friends

Always take the time to see your friends and make some amazing memories!

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