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St. Valentine’s Variety Playlists

Everyone has mixed opinions about February 14th: V-Day, Singles Awareness Day, “The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Premiere,” or as most know it, Valentine’s Day.

Depending on your viewpoint, your mood can be anything from “hardcore crushing” and “passionately in love” to “forever alone” and “I hate everything,” or even “single and loving it.” The following compilations are for most of said feels. 

Post other songs or playlists you think should be added in the comments below! 



1. You and Me // Lifehouse

This song is like when you constantly see an attractive person on campus a lot, and are just magnetically drawn to them.  Even if you never talk to them, ever.

2. Kinks Shirt // Matt Nathanson

When you can’t get someone out of your head, but in a good way. Also, much kudos to the music video for being trans-inclusive!

3. Crazy // Royal Bliss

When the thoughts you have about someone drive you wild.

4. Always // Blink-182

This song is more about the… physical… aspects of desire.

5. Follow Through // Gavin DeGraw

When you realize that you want more than just a hook-up with someone, and so that means you have to put in the work to make it a relationship.



1. Still Into You // Paramore

We all know the Honeymoon phase has to end eventually, but sometimes you still get those butterflies.

2. Yoü And I // Lady Gaga

When you have loved someone for a long time and it always come back to them.

3. Crash // You Me At Six

This song is nostalgic about a love that has lasted many years, off and on.

4. Tear In My Heart // twenty one pilots

When you love someone and feel incredible with them, and yet also know that they could easily destroy you with that power.

5. Heartbeat // The Fray

This song epitomizes the exhilaration and aesthetic of being in love.



1. You // The Pretty Reckless

This song is the definition of unrequited love. 

2. Litost // X Ambassadors

Litost is a non-translatable Czech word for a state of torment caused by suddenly realizing how miserable you are.  Basically, this song is the epitome of being miserable due to relationship problems.

3. Cigarettes and Old Perfume // Have Mercy

If you want to linger in self-pity and severely miss someone for a while, this song will nostalgically get you there.

4. Sometime Around Midnight // The Airborne Toxic Event

That awful experience of unexpectedly seeing your ex with someone new, and then needing to be black out drunk for several days.

5. World Spins Madly On // The Weepies

A sad reminder that life keeps going with or without you, even after a break up.



1. Bite My Tongue // You Me At Six (feat. Oli Sykes)

This one is good for all you bitter and salty folks out there.

2. Since You’ve Been Gone // A Day to Remember

One of the best covers of a song I know, and it’s real good for screaming your anger into a pillow.

3. U + Ur Hand // P!nk

When you’re just absolutely done with the casual dating and bar scene life.  Tinder is overrated.

4. Never Again // Kelly Clarkson

Recognizing that what your SO did was a terrible thing and that you deserve much better.

5. Before He Cheats // Carrie Underwood

I do not endorse destroying your ex’s car on V-Day, but if I were to accidentally leave a baseball bat on the ground…



1. Habits (Stay High) // Tove Lo

This song is good for when your feelings are just too intense and you need to party them away.

2. I Can’t Stop Drinking About You // Bebe Rexha

Similar concept, where you need to not be aware of how sh**ty you’re feeling.

3. Ex’s & Oh’s // Elle King

You know those ex’s that linger in your head longer than they should? Mmhm.

4. Just A Dream // Nelly

Even after you think someone’s left your mind, your subconscious dreams have to be that a**hole that brings them back up.  Joy.

5. Lies // Marina and the Diamonds

This song is about not wanting to come to terms with the downfall of a relationship, but knowing that you need to.



1. Single Ladies // Beyoncé

Okay, this song is f***ing required on any playlist about embracing your eternal single-ness. 

2. Single // Natasha Bedingfield

An even more sassy and amazing song about being single and owning it. 

3. Bitch // Meredith Brooks

Never be afraid to be yourself, you don’t have to change who you are just to be in a relationship.  Rock your bitchiness. 

4. I Don’t Care // Fall Out Boy

Sometimes you have to just say screw it, I’m doing my own thing, I don’t need you, and I don’t care.

5. Feeling Myself // Nicki Minaj (feat. Beyoncé)

Nicki and Bey are queens, and if anyone can teach empowerment and self-love, it’s them. 


Whether or not you’re with someone this V-Day, listen to the playlist that most appeals to your feels, have a warm beverage, and cuddle an animal.  It’ll all be okay. <3

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