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Problems Naturally Flirtatious People Have

Being flirtatious can be a good thing, lots of people don’t even know how to flirt, but we blessed few were endowed with this power at birth. The only problem, you can never turn it off. If you are one of the enchanting few, here are some problems you might encounter.

  • You wink at inappropriate times


Whether it’s in a religious service or at a funeral, you can’t control it

  • Your friend’s S/O view you as a threat

No matter how much you try to explain that’s how you act around everyone they never really trust you

  • Alternatively sometimes your friends think you like them

Either your flirtatiousness is going to ruin the friendship or their pursuing you is

  • You have a hard time being mean to people

At the base of flirting is niceness and you just really don’t want to be mean

  • People try to flirt with you

Just because you flirt doesn’t mean you know how to act when people flirt with you

  • You flirt with EVERYONE

Teachers, children, your mom that one weird time…

  • If you’re in a relationship people assume you aren’t loyal

You might wink at strangers, but being flirtatious has nothing to do with fidelity

  • Gross people think you like them

Spoiler alert, if you aren’t a nice human being we probably don’t like you

  • You assume everyone likes you

You like everyone, why wouldn’t they like you???

  • Flirting comes naturally, but actual committed relationships are hard

Dating is this weird line between flirting and friendship and it’s honestly exhausting

  • People think you are always flirting

Sure you mostly are, but sometimes you really are just eating a banana

  • People are impressed when they find out how smart you are

Yes, you did get an A on the last calculus test. No, you didn’t flirt with a nerd to get the answers from him

  • You aren’t seen as deep

You think about the temporariness of life as much as the next person

  • You are called “desperate” or “thirsty”

Nope. You’re good.

  • People are never sure if you are flirting or just being friendly

You are definitely flirting

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