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Princess Polly Boutique Review

Article by: Kara Swanson

Being a fashion major I obviously love to shop. However, I am old fashioned and prefer shopping in store as opposed to shopping online. I am a very visual and hands-on person so I like to take into consideration the feel, texture, thickness, shape, etc. of a garment. I prefer to see how the garment fits on my body, not just on the model from a picture online. However, I went out of my comfort zone and tried an online clothing brand/boutique called Princess Polly from Australia. I had heard a lot of YouTubers talking about Princess Polly/reviewing their purchases and expressing how much they liked that brand. 

I decided to try out Princess Polly and I absolutely love my purchase! The quality is great, not to mention how cute the dress is. The name of the dress is called, “The Wasson Dress.” The shape is very flattering as it is fitted and gives the wearer an hourglass figure. The neckline is also flattering as it is off-the-shoulder to show off the collarbones for a feminine and elegant touch. Also, the length of the dress is appropriate and not too short which is important to me. Finally, with the color being black, it is very slimming on the wearer. It gives me “Sandy” from Grease vibes so I am definitely considering wearing it for a cute Halloween costume! 

I am skeptical of online stores because I am not sure how the garment will fit on my body. The dress I purchased from Princess Polly fit true to size. It was helpful that they had a size chart on their website and offered not only Australian sizes, but U.S. sizes as well so that they can reach a larger target market. Furthermore, being a college student, I am always looking for ways to save money. Princess Polly acknowledges this and offers a discount of 15% off for college students. Finally, for being an overseas brand Princess Polly shipped in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Princess Polly to my friends!


picture credit: https://www.princesspolly.com/the-wasson-dress/

Kara Swanson

Framingham '20

Hello! My name is Kara! I am majoring in Fashion Design and Retailing with hopes of becoming a personal stylist with my own clothing line. I love art, music, and food. I also enjoying spending time with friends and family.
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