New(ish) Shows to Get Into This Summer

Ah, summer. No classes or homework which means more time to watch all the tv you want and not feel bad about it. BUt what new shows should you start watching? After all you can't rewatch Gossip Girl or The Office yet again. Well, you could, but why not try something new? Here are some new(ish) shows to get into this summer!


Mindy Kaling has done it again; creating a hilarious and charming show that you can't get enough of!

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale

Remember The Soup? Miss it as much as I do? Well, it's kinda back but now on Netflix and even funnier than before!


Wish your high school science class was more interesting when you were in high school? The new NBC comedy will make you wish it was!

The Handmaid's Tale

While this series is not new, the second season just came out on Hulu! Now is the perfect time to start the show for the first time, rewatch it, or pick up where the first season ended.New Girl

I know, another show that isn't new. But the newest and final season of the beloved series recently began! So if you're a fan get to watching! If you haven't seen the show, summer is the perfect time to start!Happy viewing this summer!