My Rescue Cat

My whole life I have loved cats. My first pet was a cat and onne of the cats I have now I rescued. Her name is Anabelle and she is a tabby cat. My first cat had passed away a few years before I got Annabelle. I missed having a cat and begged my mom to let me get another one. Finally, after a lot of begging, she said yes. I started searching the internet for a cat that I would want to bring home and I stumbled upon Annabelle's picture. She was a little six month old kitten who looked like a tiny tiger. I instantly fell in love with her.

I got her from a foster home on Superbowl Sunday. My dad and I had to drive over an hour away to pick her up, and he really didn't want to miss the game. If we didn't go get Anabelle on that day, she could've be taken home by someone else. I begged him to go and knowing that I had already fell in love with her, he agreed to take me and we left.

Once we got to the house, Annabelle's foster mom took us to a room in her house where there were a bunch of kittens. When we opened the door, all the kittens ran to hide except for one, and that one was Annabelle. The woman, my dad, and I slowly entered the room and sat on the ground. All of the kittens stayed hidden except for Annabelle. She walked right up to me and climbed into my lap. I immediately knew that she was the kitten for me, and told my dad that I wanted to take her home.

Before we could pack her up into her crate for the ride home, the women told us about Annabelle's past. She was a street cat, actually originally from my home town. She was born into an abusive home and when she was born, owner threw all of the kittens, including her, out onto the street in the middle of a flood. The rest of the kittens that were in the room were Annabelle's siblings. They all had extreme anxiety and were terrified of people. We were shocked; this little kitten had already been through so much.

The woman then said that when we first walked in the room she was surprised that Annabelle did not run away. It was like she was waiting for us. After getting settled in the car, we said goodbye to Annabelle's foster mom and took our new family member home. Annabelle is now six years old and is a happy, healthy kitty. She is still very anxious but she has improved so much since we brought her home. She is my little sidekick and I still am the only person that she will hang out with for long periods of time. Now that I live on campus at college and can't be with her it makes me sad, but every time I go home I am greeted with her immediate love and affection.