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I’ve been filling my days with two things lately and I love it because I can do both of them at the same time. The first thing I’ve been doing is making bracelets out of string like it’s 2012 again. I spent $8 on Amazon on a package of string and that $8 has gone a long way in curing my boredom. The second thing I’ve been doing is listening to the podcast And That’s Why We Drink.

I’ve never been a big podcast person, probably because I need to be doing something else while listening to one or I will get distracted and stop paying attention. When my string first came in the mail I realized I couldn’t just sit there and make a bracelet in silence and I wanted to listen to something else besides music. I don’t know why but I felt like listening to true crime stories, because who doesn’t feel like that sometimes? I looked up some of the best true crime podcasts and saw And That’s Why We Drink on one of the lists. The name sounded familiar and I remember a friend recommending it a few months ago. 

I started listening and I was immediately hooked. This podcast is hosted by two best friends Em and Christine. Em tells paranormal stories and Christine tells true crime stories. They each tell one story per episode and if you’re interested in both ghosts and murder tales, I highly recommend this podcast. The paranormal stories come first which I like because the true crime stories freak me out less, so by the time it’s over I’m not thinking about the possibility of my house being haunted anymore.

The title may seem to have little correlation with the podcast subject, but at the beginning of each episode the hosts talk about the things in their lives that make them drink that week. The ‘About’ section on their website also ends with “The world’s a scary place. And that’s why we drink!” During the podcast, Christine frequently drinks boxed wine while Em’s drink of choice is a milkshake. 

The hosts usually talk for around 10 minutes about their lives or anything else related to their podcast before they get into their stories, but if that bothers you, skipping ahead is always a possibility. I’ve gotten so addicted to listening to this podcast and I find the stories so interesting. I’m not a skeptic and paranormal things and ghosts kind of scare me, but I love hearing about things other people have experienced. I find true crime stories interesting but I can’t stand watching murder shows that use reenactments with actors so I like being able to simply listen to someone talk about them without the cringey dramatizations.

I also love the way Em and Christine tell their stories. Despite the heavy topics, they always try to make things light and add some comic relief when necessary. Their personalities, as well as their friendship, come through in each episode and it adds some levity and entertainment to the podcast.

For me to listen to a podcast, it has to keep me intrigued, and this one does just that. I still find myself struggling to pay attention if I’m just sitting there doing nothing while listening to it, though. Like I mentioned before, I have been listening to And That’s Why We Drink while making bracelets, cooking, eating, and really anything I do around the house that doesn’t require too much of my attention. 

And That’s Why We Drink started in 2017, has over 150 episodes, and is still coming out with new ones. I’m only in the early 20s so maybe by the time I get through all of them this quarantine will be over (maybe). I listen on Spotify but you can find other places to listen, as well as more information about the podcast on their website www.andthatswhywedrink.com

Victoria Bailey

Framingham '20

vice president & senior editor of Her Campus Framingham