My Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes

These are my favorite Thanksgiving episodes that you should check out this Thanksgiving.

1. Boy Meets World:​ Season 4 Episode 10 Turkey Day

After Cory and Shawn win a turkey and stuffing for donating the most food cans, they decide to split it by having their families celebrate Thanksgiving together. However, both Amy and Alan, and Chet and Virna Hunter are uncomfortable with the idea of mingling with another class.

2. Hey Arnold!: ​Season 3 Episode 14 Arnold’s Thanksgiving Arnold and Helga are tired of their usual Thanksgivings, so they decide to enjoy dinner with Mr. Simmons, but it's not what they would have imagined.

3. Rugrats: ​Season 4 Episode 13 The Turkey Who Came to Dinner Didi tells the babies a story about the Native Americans, which the babies call them the “Nakie Americans.” Later on the Rugrats put on feathered hats decide to play “Nakie Americans.”

4. All Grown Up:​ Season 4 Episode 1: RV Having Fun Yet Susie gets chosen to sing at a parade in New York City (based on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade). The kids go on a cross country road trip with their moms to New York City.

5. Full House:​ Season 1 Episode 9 The Miracle of Thanksgiving It’s the girl’s first Thanksgiving without their deceased mother Pam, and Danny is determined to make it extra special for them. Danny’s mother Claire is flying to San Francisco to have Thanksgiving with the Full House fam, but her flight gets cancelled because of the snow so she won’t be able to make it.

6. Bob’s Burgers: ​Season 4 Episode 5 Turkey In a Can After Bob finds his Turkey in the toilet, Louise tries to find out who is guilty of ruining Thanksgiving.

7. Family Guy: ​Season 10 Episode 6 Thanksgiving Lois invites Glenn and Ida Quagmire, the Swansons, Mayor Adam West, and Carter, Babs and Carol Pewterschmidt to join the Griffins for Thanksgiving. There is tension between Ida, Quagmire, and Brian since Ida’s gender confirmation surgery, and her one night stand with Brian the year before.

8. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown and Sally plan to spend Thanksgiving with their grandma, but Peppermint Patty calls and invites herself, Marcie, and Franklin to have Thanksgiving at their house. Linus gives Charlie the idea to have two Thanksgivings, one with their friends and the other with Charlie’s grandma.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!