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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

As I am completing my first year as a Fashion major, I am noticing there are many misconceptions about what we do. I’m sure many other Fashion majors will find similarities within this article and some non-fashion majors might learn something new! 

1. We’re always dressed really well 

I’ll admit I try to dress my best on most days, but all college students are prone to throwing on a hoodie at least once a week. However, the days I typically wear hoodies are the days I have appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) where the doctor loves to ask me what my major is. This is when the misconception gets uncomfortable. For some reason I always feel invalidated when these people ask me what I’m studying and I have to say Fashion while wearing a hoodie. It’s almost as if I should have shown up to get my teeth cleaned in a ballgown. 

2. We spend a ton of money on clothes 

Although there are some Fashion Majors who sport a designer brand from time to time, I actually get the most compliments when I’m wearing my thrifted clothes. My $4 vintage high-waisted pants receive a lot of praise, whereas the items I buy brand new tend to look a little bland. I probably only spend around $200 a year on clothes whereas most women spend over $1000. A lot of my Fashion Major friends will agree that thrifted looks deserve the attention they have been getting the past few years. 

3. Only girls are Fashion Majors 

Totally wrong!! There are plenty of guys in the Fashion Major here at Framingham State and they are so great at what they do. Globally some of the best young designers include men- I’m looking at you Christian Siriano. 

4. The only career path is to be a designer 

This misconception hits me hard because I don’t necessarily want to be a designer. I want to do textile research and product development to optimize textile performance. However, when adults at holiday parties ask you what you want to do after college, they assume designer. Don’t get me wrong, being a designer is a luxurious and amazing career path, but you wouldn’t assume all Biology majors want to be doctors. A Fashion major can lead you to research, marketing, working for magazines, buying for large companies, being a stylist, and more! 

5. All we do is sew 

Sewing is obviously a large part of being a Fashion Design major but just knowing how to sew won’t get you very far in the grand scheme of things. To graduate, we have to know the history of fashion, the makeup of textiles, how to create your own patterns, the digital software of fashion illustration, and so much more. Fashion programs are usually very intense and lead to a Bachelor of Science. People often wonder why a so-called arts degree would be a Bachelor of Science but this program actually requires some of the strictest credits compared to other majors at Framingham State.

Samantha Collette

Framingham '22

Fashion Design Major. Lover of the environment, ethical textiles, and pumpkin picking.