The Mindy Project is Me

We connect with shows on a spiritual level here at HC Framingham. Mindy Kaling in general is absolute goddess, but her character Mindy Lahiri is the adult that we all aspire to be. She has the career, sex life, and apartment that every 20-something wishes they could have. So here are times that Mindy Lahiri (Kaling) are you.

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse.

When you try to be sexy.

When your parents try to be cool.

When you just want to celebrate your #womancrushwednesday.

When you can’t find a decent Halloween costume.

When you want to feel good about yourself, but…

When someone younger hits on you.

When you’re meeting your date from Tinder or OkCupid.

When you try to be cool, but everyone else knows you’re not.

When you get your heart broken again.

When you’re finally feeling okay with being single.

When you start fighting with one of your friends and the rest of the gang tries to get you two to talk.

When you fart for the first time in a new relationship.

When you’re feeling yourself.

When your professor says they will go over something again and you still don’t get it.

When you want Shonda to write your life like Grey’s Anatomy but she sees what you don’t.

When your family asks why you gained the freshman 15.

When you don’t want to finish your thesis.

When you accept that you are trash and just live your life.