Meg Butler

Easy to talk to and an infectious smile, Meg Butler is an awesome person to be around. Also her asthetic is to die for. So if you see her around campus, say hi and listen to her radio show. 

Hometown: Weymouth

Major: History and Secondary Education

Year: Junior

What’re you involved with on campus? "WDJM and History Club"

What would be your dream vacation? "Backpacking through Europe, Paris specifically. I went in high school but I want to go back for a longer period of time."

What’s your favorite movie? "Slumdog Millonaire."

Coffee or Tea? "Coffee."

Who is your hero? "My mom."

If you could change the Framingham State mascot to anything else, what would it be? "An elephant."

Tell us about your radio show.

"We usually listen to anything that would come up on shuffle on my ipod. But we also do talk and play games. We’ll play a soundbit of a rapper and guess who it is. Bascially anything that will make me and my friends laugh.  Listen to us on Sunday nights at 8:30-10:30!"