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Meet the Social Media Director of Her Campus Framingham: Katerina Ebrecht

Katerina Ebrecht

Kate is a junior marketing major at Framingham State. She is in charge of Her Campus Framingham’s social media accounts and she also works as a security desk attendant in Larned Hall. Being a part of Her Campus allows her to get involved on campus and keeps her engaged. She enjoys being able to walk around campus and recognize faces, and her job as an SDA helps with that as well. She often works night shifts at the desk, so as you can imagine, she gets to see some interesting characters. The late nights can often be exhausting, but the job has its ups and downs and Kate enjoys the social aspect of signing familiar faces into the building.

Though she has lived in fourteen–yes, fourteen–different houses and apartments around the Boston area, she currently lives in what she calls the “old people part” of West Roxbury, where she enjoys all the perks of living in the city. She likes that Framingham State is conveniently close to home. After graduation, Kate hopes to be very rich (don’t we all?) and she’d like to do marketing for a successful publishing house.

When she’s not in class or at the security desk, Kate spends her time hanging out and having fun with friends. She loves going to the mall and, because of her love for reading, she also loves spending time at bookstores. Her interest in music focuses mostly on oldies and classic rock, especially 80s pop and 70s rock. Some of her favorite TV shows include Gilmore Girls, I Love Lucy, and Dawson’s Creek, which she used to watch on DVD with her grandmother. Kate describes her fashion as laid back. She “tries to not look like a mess,” but she always looks put together, despite the occasional hole in her clothes, and her makeup is always on point any time you see her.

It has been so nice getting to know Kate and working with her in Her Campus, and I always enjoy her quick-witted remarks and unique sense of humor. If you have the pleasure of meeting her, you will find that she is very relatable, down-to-earth, and fun. I hope to get to know her better in the future and collaborate more through Her Campus. Thank you, Kate, for allowing me a little glimpse into your life!

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Framingham '21

Treasurer of Her Campus Framingham, Fashion design major ?
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