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Meet Alexa Avenell!

Major: Earth Science

Minor: Geography

Hometown: Medford, MA

How are you involved on campus?

I’m the Lead Manager at the Student Transportation Center and safe to say that fills all my free time!
How long have you been on shuttle, how long as manager?
I’ve worked at the STC since January of 2014 and I’ve been a manager since August of 2015.
What’s your favorite part of stc?
The STC staff is a family. We’re all so unique and come from different walks of life, but somehow we all get along and work together. I’m lucky to say I’ve made some amazing friendships!
What’s one thing you wish students knew about STC?
We’re almost always hiring!!! Hahaha just kidding (I’m not)… In all seriousness, I wish more students understood that many of our rules are truly in place to ensure the safety of all of the passengers and the drivers. We are not telling you the bus is at capacity because we want to leave you out in the cold!!!
When did you start getting into planners?
I’ve enjoyed keeping a schedule as long as I can remember. I really got into planning in college as I needed to pay more attention to how I scheduled my time and not leave everything to the last minute.
What’s your favorite planner and why?
I have an Erin Condren Hourly planner which I absolutely love. The format works well with my classes and work schedules, so everything has its own place. Before the hourly layout, I had a Vertical Erin Condren planner, which I enjoyed as well.

Tell us about the planner meetup you went to.
My friend Kristy and I went to a planner meet up in October in Natick. There were about 125 people at the event and some amazing sponsors, including a pop-up shop from Calliope Paperie, which is in Natick and sells the cutest and funniest stationary. It was a great event to get to meet people that all share the same interests as you.
Any advice for someone who has to stay an extra year?
Staying an extra year was something that took me a long time to be okay with. I’d say the most important thing is that you take the time to realize that college isn’t always a 4 year program. Even if it’s going to take you an extra semester or an extra year, you’re still going to graduate and that’s all that matters!
Favorite brand of makeup/favorite type of makeup?
Picking one favorite brand would be so difficult for me! My top five would have to be Kat Von D, MAC, Jeffree Star, Becca Cosmetics, and Giorgio Armani. My favorite makeup product is definitely a two-way between mascara and highlighter.
Give us a fun fact about yourself.
I have the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter tattooed on my wrist that I absolutely love.


More commonly known as Katy, I am a senior marketing major at Framingham State University. I enjoy long walks to the dessert section of the dining commons, reading into The Wonder Years lyrics, and adding to my growing collection of All Time Low t-shirts (the current count is 26). If you need me, I'm probably napping.
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