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Adriana is a freshman psychology major from Saugus, MA. Her dad also attended Framingham State University, which was one of the reasons she chose to go here, along with liking the size of the campus and how small it is. When she first began her college career, she wanted to be a teacher, but after realizing that teachers don’t make a lot of money, she chose to major in psychology instead. She thought it was a good choice that will allow her to work with and help children but also make more money. She hopes to be a child psychologist and work in a psychiatric hospital with children. 

In her free time, Adriana likes to color in anti-stress coloring books, write articles for Her Campus, and play volleyball. She was the captain of her high school volleyball team but says they were really bad. If Adriana won the lottery she would probably spend all the money on clothes and makeup.

Adriana is inspired by her karate teacher, Emily. She says Emily is the one who inspired her to want to work with children. Emily is a special education teacher, and she took Adriana under her wing and let her experience the work environment. If Adriana could give her younger self a piece of advice, she would tell her to not go for the first boy who shows interest in you, which I think is good advice for many young girls.

Adriana’s favorite singer is Adam Levine. She has seen Maroon 5 in concert five times and says that their music always puts her in a good mood. She loves the movie The Green Mile because she really likes Stephen King, even though it makes her cry every time she watches it. One of her favorite books is The Five People You Meet In Heaven, which tells a story of the author’s theory about what happens when you die.

We all get in bad moods sometimes, and Adriana’s remedy for them is calling her friends and just talking to them. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Italy. Even though she has already been there, she’d want to go again because she thinks the food is so good and it’s so pretty. She can’t see anywhere else comparing to it. 

Adriana joined Her Campus because her parents told her in order to make friends, she had to join clubs. She always saw someone from our chapter at all the open houses and club fairs she attended. She wanted to know more about it, and she is into beauty, which she knew was an aspect of the club, so she decided to try it and she liked it. 

Head over to Adriana’s page to read her articles she has written for Her Campus Framingham!




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