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It doesn’t matter how little you bring to school or how much you decorate your dorm. That room is yours to live in from September until May and everyone’s personal style comes through in their room. It could be the way the bed sheets and comforter coordinate with the pillows or it could be the items you chose to put on your desk or even the lack of posters on the wall. Each room is unique and it’s important to make it your own. This year I thought it was important to make my room into the most comfortable and most “me” space it could be!

This is the full view of my room. I really like this set up because the natural light is able to come in the window and light the whole room. My desk is in one space along with my food, my bed and rolling rack in another, and my two sets of drawers right by the door. My closet is behind the wall that my desk is on.

This is the closet! It goes into the wall pretty far and has a lot of hooks in the front which is awesome for all of my jackets. I also have items hanging on the metal bar in the back. It is so important to keep the closet organized because it could just be a space where stuff gets thrown in it, but it feels a lot better to know everything has an area of its own and you can find the things you need.

This is my desk that is placed on the wall the closet is on. My desk looks very disorganized, but I think once you have a system developed for yourself you should stick to it even if it does not make sense to others. On the far right of the desk I have my notebooks and folders for classes. Next in the middle I have all of my books and then on the left I have a coloring book and another book that is not for class. On one side of my desk I have my window that looks out onto a little grove with trees. On the other side I have my tower of drawers that holds makeup, food, toiletries, basically anything and everything. You can also see my recycling bin that I made with a paper trash barrel and magazine clippings!

The desk is right next to the window where I have my marquee initial R, my cactus, my Dunder Mifflin cup, and my rock from where my boyfriend and I first met! My rolling rack is at the foot of my bed and it is one of the best things I have ever purchased! If you have as many clothes as I do I would highly recommend it. It may be a bit cumbersome to fit into the room depending on the shape of the room, but it is definitely worth it.

This is the view of my bed with all of my random posters and many pillows. At Framingham State they give away a lot of free stuffed animals so I am a nerd and literally brought all of them. Since my risers are so big it creates a person size crevasse on the size of my bed against the wall so I need almost all of my pillows to fill this hole so I do not fall through in the middle of the night. Each year I find posters and things to hang up on the wall from all different sources like online, thrift stores, etsy, and my Where Will Your Shoes Take You? sign is from where I work at DSW!

Above my headboard is where I have my Boston to New York arrows from a thrift store in Cape Cod. I am from around Boston, but I would love to ultimately end up in New York City! Also up on this wall I have my HC banner for HerCampus obviously! Next to the headboard is my necklace and bracelet holder.

Next to my bed are my mirror and two sets of drawers. On top I like to put my laptop, water bottle, and chargers for easy access when I’m going to sleep. Also on top of these sets of drawers I keep my perfumes and my lipsticks because I have more than anyone could ever need.

This is a better view of all the perfumes and lipsticks I have! I always have my planner right by my bed as well so I can write down anything I can think of! My schedule is right by the door so I can give it a quick check before I leave the room.

I love being in my room and looking around at my room because I feel that I have made it direct reflection of me. So excited I get to live in this space until May and I can’t wait to keep changing it around and adding to it!

Rachel Smith

Framingham '18

Former Co-Campus Correspondent; Graduated 2018; Fashion Merchandising Major with Communication Arts Minor; Dance Team, Fashion Club, Her Campus, and Peer Mentor
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