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A Letter to the One on My Mind

Hey there,

I’m just writing because I miss you. By miss you I mean, yes I understand I just spoke to you or saw you, but I’m needy and you’re precious.

I was just remembering the moment I first saw you, like the exact moment. You captured my gaze without even looking at me. Everyone is new to me and people are different, but for some reason in that quiet room with too many people, your shoes were the heaviest and you were the only one to stand out.

I didn’t even think about how life would be with you in it. I knew I wanted to know you, like know you in the way where I would look at something funny and KNOW you would like it. Or, know you in the way where I knew what you wanted to say by just looking at you. It amazes that we have come to that point.

I wonder if you remember, when actually you wouldn’t. That memory is mine, because you wouldn’t remember how your hands felt the first time I touched them. Soft and warm, a bit dry but I didn’t mind much.

I like remembering you, even when I get to see you. And, if the time comes when all I have is my memories of you then I hope to make more.


The mind with one person in it

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