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A Letter to my Senior Year Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

I never knew I needed you in my life until I saw you on the soccer field. I am so grateful you moved from the great state of Florida to the snowy state of Massachusetts. I will never regret introducing myself to you at 6am preseason senior year of high school.

Senior year is already hard enough with the whole applying to colleges process. I was very excited for it to be my last year at high school and you coming into it changed my life forever. Cliché I know. You opened right up to me when we were sitting next to each other in Statistics class. We both didn’t know what was going on and I think we both know where it was going to take our friendship.

We soon became best friends, hanging out, doing homework, and complaining about the horrible teachers we had. It really didn’t hit me that we were going to be best friends until you introduced me to the day care you worked at. At the time, I was looking for new jobs, preferably after school hours, and you directed me right to it. 

I never knew that one of my lifelong best friends would be the one I knew for the shortest amount of time. Senior year went by so fast and I felt like I knew you for years. You were the one person I knew I could go to for anything. You always knew what to say, and how to put a smile on my face.

Anywhere we are, I am always laughing with or even at you. You’re a ray of sunshine that I love to have in my life.

Going off to college, we never stopped talking. I knew that I would be there for you for a lifetime. I loved everything about you, and knew that I could make you smile no matter what your mood is. 

I want to thank you for bringing me closer to you and taking me for who I am. I appreciate everything you do for me and I love you forever.

-Meg, the best friend you can’t get rid of 


Meghan Gogan

Framingham '21

Junior at Framingham State University. Major in Marketing, Minor in Psychology
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