A Letter to my Grandfather

Dear Manty, 

It’s been a while since I wrote to you. Can you believe it’ll be ten years since you left us in October? Because I can’t. It seems like just yesterday you were here with me. As the days go on, I’m constantly thinking about you. About how proud you would be of me. Who am I kidding? You probably still are proud of me. It makes it easier for me, knowing you're looking down on me. I still bring the teddy bear I made for you with me everywhere I go, where I know I’ll need you most. Whether it’s a surgery, or just to bed. I take your teddy bear with me. 

I should probably let you know what’s going on in my life right now. I started college this fall! I am now a freshman at Framingham State University! I’m majoring in elementary education and English. I’m going to become one of the best teachers this world has seen! Or so I hope! I’ve joined so many clubs and am meeting so many people!   

Growing up though, makes me remember all the good times we had when I was little. I can still distinctly remember you spinning me around in your office chair until I’d feel sick! Or when you would set your treadmill to the lowest speed and I would slide off it. I will admit, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember everything. Some days it seems like I just can’t remember the sound of your voice. Or your contagious laugh. But other days, it feels like I was just talking to you.   

Do you remember when you used to help me with my math homework? You would get so mad because it wasn’t how you learned it. I used to laugh at how mad you would get! But then you would make us hot cocoa with three Spoonfuls of fluff, and we would sit and figure out my homework together! And when we were done, we would celebrate with a hoodsie! I still remember your famous “heat it up for three seconds” trick. It would make the hoodsie just soft enough to stir together!  

I hope you’re doing ok up there! I know you’re probably happy and healthy! And don’t worry about all of us down here! We are doing as good as can be!  

I love and miss you so much Manty! You will forever be in my heart. 

Love you always,